Massage for babies with constipation

Massage for babies with constipation

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Babies often cry a lot from gas or constipation, since their digestive system is still immature. We can help you reduce discomfort with specific massage passes for the abdomen.

These massages will help in digestion and will also help eliminate gas and prevent the baby from constipation.

It is important to be constant with these massages to clearly notice their benefits, and for this we must find a couple of moments a day to be able to help our baby with the massages. It is also a good time to communicate with our little one and play with him.

I recommend doing the massage with sweet almond oil given its great benefits. The first thing is to feel the gut to see if it bothers you. To relieve gas and colic pain, move your hands from left to right and clockwise:

1. Place your hands in the womb until the baby relaxes

2. Make like a wheel by alternating hands from under the ribs to the groin, first with the baby's legs relaxed and then holding the legs up

3. Knees up and down gently flexing them against the belly, this posture should be held for at least a few seconds and then we stretch our legs

4. With both thumbs on either side of the navel lightly press the belly of the baby from the navel to the baby's side, each hand on one side

5. With the left hand we will circle clockwise and with the right hand a semi-circle in the same direction

6. Draw an I on the right side of the baby's belly, then draw an inverted L, and then an inverted U, in this way we get to remove the gases that have accumulated little by little helping to eliminate or dissolve them

7. Knees up and down gently pressing them against the belly, this posture should be held for at least a few seconds and then we stretch the legs

8. Raise your legs and rotate them in circles and pedal like on the bike

9. Walk with your fingertips on the baby's belly.

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