What children learn at school and at home

What children learn at school and at home

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Children's early learning stages are difficult and there may be some questions about who is responsible for each task. What children learn at school and what they learn at home is not something that is delimited and that can be a problem for the child's development. And without forgetting at any time that the educational responsibility of the child falls first on the parents, we can establish in general lines which is the task of the school and which is that of the parents.

We tell you what children learn at school and at home.

Before reaching Preschool, most of the children have already spent some time in the kindergarten, which is the ideal place for the little ones to practice motor skills, attention and sociability. Once in Preschool, children begin to identify letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.

At the same educational stage, children are capable of learning to match letters, to identify words and read simple texts. They can also learn to do basic accounts, such as adding and subtracting, without forgetting other facets of basic learning such as simple crafts to relate objects and paint to identify shapes and colors.

It is the school's task to develop in children all those Basic abilities that they will need throughout their academic or social life. That is, learning to read, write, count ... but also share, respect and live in society. However, the fact that children attend school does not exempt parents from their educational responsibility. It is useless for a child to learn to identify the letter A, if when he gets home that learning is not reinforced.

That is why we insist on the educational responsibility of parents. Of course, most people are not endowed with pedagogical knowledge, but with a little intuition, everyone can reinforce what they have learned in school. Playing to identify the letters that the child is going to learn by looking at commercial signs, for example, is a very fun way for the child to continue learning without effort.

Remembering numbers at home through songs and doing simple calculations with objects is a good way for children to strengthen their knowledge. And of course we cannot forget about values that we must instill in our children. The development of their personality, self-esteem, security, tolerance and respect is fundamentally the task of parents.

We cannot expect to send our children to school and have them return home with the alphabet learned, knowing how to tell the time or counting the candies they have in their pockets and besides that, they must be educated, respectful, resourceful, tolerant and sociable people. Because the first years of the child are a continuous learning and that work is, above all, of the parents.

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