How to teach children to wait their turn

How to teach children to wait their turn

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How many times has your child interrupted you when you were talking to someone? Does he usually want to talk to you or tell you a story every time he sees you on the phone? Children, especially at an early age, tend to think that they are the center of the world, it is their stage egocentric. They don't think they are acting bad if they get into other people's conversation or they interrupt something.

Children also have to educate them in patience, in the manners they must have in each situation and in the ability to wait and not interrupt if it is not necessary. Everything is learned. In we teach you how to teach children to wait their turn when speaking.

I have a neighbor with whom it is impossible for me to chat for five minutes, every time we try, her son hangs on her sleeve, interruptsHe jumps around asking for attention and raises his voice until he gets it, which is usually always. The reality is that she stops any conversation to attend to things as trivial as that the child has found a small stick on the ground or that he has seen a plane pass. Actually, this behavior of the child, which tends to be tyrant, is encouraged because my neighbor does not give him a solution.

All parents have gone through similar situations, our children interrupt any time without stopping to think that it is not their turn, or that it is not important enough that they cannot wait. Teach our children to wait their turn, to be patient, it is not easy, but it is fundamental for their education, both for their daily life and for school, how can we do it?

- Some games can be very pedagogical: the game of 'English hide-and-seek', where one counts from behind while saying 'one, two, three, the English hide-and-seek, without moving hands or feet', when turning around, all the children have to be still as statuesIf the account holder detects that someone has moved, they are eliminated. The first to reach the position you are counting for wins.

- The practice of team sports is very beneficial, it helps them to feel part of a group, with a specific function that they will have to put into practice at a certain time.

- There is no better education than by example, if we we interrupt For other people to tell our story or we don't let our children finish their stories, it will be difficult for them to understand that they themselves have to be patient.

- When I ask for something, wait a few minutes to give it to him, this short time interval will gain patience.

- Do not stop at any time and situation to assist you, especially if your interruption is not justified and explain with love what to expect and that you will attend to him when you are done.

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