How to awaken children's interest in mathematics

How to awaken children's interest in mathematics

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It seems that mathematics is one of the pending subjects in many schools around the world. There are children who love mathematics and others who simply cannot even see it, but like everything, for a child to like mathematics more or less, he will need motivation for this subject.

Mathematics is one of the most practical subjects in school and is that it is really used every day of our lives, and this is the main reason for children to begin to understand its importance and that in this way they can begin to awaken the interest in mathematics. But there are other ways to do it.

1. Be an example.
Many adults say in front of their children that they hated math in school, so from now on you should be careful what you are communicating to your child. If you want your child to have a better attitude towards mathematics you will have to show him that you like them and that they are also used every day for everyday tasks such as budgeting to go to the supermarkets.

2. Mathematics for every day.
Math can be used every day, so you should encourage him to solve problems outside of school with everyday things. For example, in the supermarket it can tell you how much the total price of potatoes and water is or if you are traveling in the car how long it will take to reach the destination according to the distance and speed of the car, etc.

3. Games with mathematics.
Construction games, card games or board games ... mathematics is present in many games and there is no better way to learn than by playing.

4. Teach him to play chess.
Chess is a great game that will help develop analytical thinking, patience, turns, and concentration - great for improving your math!

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5. Pay attention to details.
If you want to help your child with math tasks, it is important that you pay attention to whether he has difficulty in calculations or answers. Try to get your child to do school math without distractions and at the same time every day.

6. Mathematics does not have to be 'a bum' again for your children
If children see the importance of mathematics from a young age and you involve them in the exciting world of numbers, they will develop this academic part with great ease.

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