Tricks to teach children to subtract with carry

Tricks to teach children to subtract with carry

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That a child learn to subtract with carry it may sometimes not be as easy as we would like. Although our children find some guidelines at school and their teachers to be able to cope with these types of exercises, some need extra support at home.

If we want our children to learn to subtract with leads in an easy and enjoyable way, without being overwhelmed, and by getting them to understand it and do it easily at school, we need to learn some tricks.

To begin with, as we have taught add with leads, and they have managed to learn why one side favors the other with those fantastic figures that take one digit to the other and complete it, with the subtractions we must do the same but in reverse.

As you will have already internalized the concept of subtractions in the first knowledge, when explaining those that have the "carried" ones, what we can do is establish color games, in which these digits will be in a completely different tonality so that don't forget that you have to remove them from one column and set them to the next.

Although in the first instance they will be able to remember with the fingers of their hand exactly how many they are carrying, it is recommended that they use the color trick or the digit on the column next to it to avoid drumming with the fingers and the famous takes.

To be able to teach the subtractions with carried to our children we can carry out different tricks, stories or fables so that they remember.

- The neighbor's loan:
I am missing apples because I want my neighbor to lend them to me, how many do I owe him? These types of phrases will make them internalize that numbers are removed from one of the columns that can leave those 'remains' that we have to add to the next.

The Zero Trick:
Although all children understand perfectly that zero is a number that neither adds nor subtracts, but leaves the digit exactly the same, it is recommended that they also get used to painting this 'not carried' on the column, so they don't skip it.

- The game of crossing out:
If what we want is for them to learn to add quickly, we can recommend that they very gently cross out with the pencil those digits that they have already subtracted.

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