Foods to avoid after an abortion

Foods to avoid after an abortion

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When a woman suffers the loss of a pregnancy, and leaving aside the emotional part and the grief that she is going through, her body goes through a state of physical weakness from which it has to recover.

Diet can help facilitate recovery by providing essential nutrients, but there are also some that should be avoided because they can lengthen or complicate convalescence.

  • Simple carbohydrates: Refined cereals provide simple carbohydrates that the body uses quickly, since it is easy to access their glucose units, causing blood sugar levels to rise immediately to fall again as soon as the sugar has been used. These fluctuations in glucose levels are not healthy at this time. Along the same lines, pastries and sweets in general can generate a feeling of well-being after consuming them, due to their amount of sugar, but, in addition to making blood glucose levels fluctuate, they provide saturated fats that are not recommended for heart health. . The loss of blood that causes an abortion can compromise, during the first days or weeks after the termination of pregnancy, the amount of blood that the body is pumping, and it is not highly recommended to add extra stress to the circulatory system.
  • Caffeinated drinks: Coffee, tea or cola drinks make it difficult to absorb iron, and this is the most important micronutrient to ensure the replacement of blood that the body has lost. Other foods, such as dairy or foods rich in fiber, can compromise the rate of iron absorption if they are consumed in the same meal, but their nutrient content is tremendously important, so they should not be discarded in the diet, but simply , separate your intake about two hours. Additionally, products derived from soy may contain phytates that directly interfere with iron absorption, being highly recommended at this time.
  • Partially hydrogenated fats: These fats are found in practically all industrial foods, salty, precooked snacks, pastries and, in addition to being not very recommendable for the heart, they are characterized by showing a pro-inflammatory profile. It is advisable to avoid all foods that can cause inflammation, to avoid further uterine pain and cramps.
  • Raw food: One of the problems that we can find after consuming raw food (meat, fish or eggs) or unpasteurized milk / dairy products is the risk of food poisoning. A food poisoning at this time, in which the body is weakened, can be much more severe than under normal conditions.

A healthy diet with a correct supply of macro and micronutrients is essential to enhance the physical recovery of the woman after the abortion, thus being able to focus on the grief and emotional recovery that such a loss entails.

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