Why Some Children Drool More Than Normal

Why Some Children Drool More Than Normal

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It is normal for many children, especially the youngest ones, to find it difficult at first to control saliva and you have to use bibs very often, since saliva control requires good lip control and tongue.

We tell you all the reasons forwhy children drool and what they should do to avoid this problem longer.

It is frequent and totally normal that our young children during the first years of life drool frequently, both day and night, since they are not aware of this drop in saliva. But if this habit stays longer we may have to ask why does he keep drooling so much? and what can we do in these cases?

For this, first of all, it is important to analyze the three most frequent possibilities:

1- If our child is constipated or has frequent colds, he will surely have the stuffy nose and having to leave the mouth ajar to breathe, the saliva will fall much more easily. Do not worry, in these cases, once the constipation is over, everything should go better. Otherwise, do not hesitate to ask your trusted pediatrician.

2- If you do not have colds, but even so you see that you have trouble breathing through your nose and his mouth is always open, perhaps it is time to ask the pediatrician again to check the nose and mouth of our children; to ensure that there are no structures that are too large (tonsils, vegetations, or adenoids) that make it difficult for you to breathe.

3- Another reason may be due to lack of strength or sensitivity in your lips and tongue. To control drooling, the lips have to be perfectly closed and the tongue positioned just behind the teeth, and this is a difficult exercise of strength and awareness. This task may be costly and require training in speech therapy.

In short, our children as they grow older should stop drooling and learn to notice and control the saliva in their mouths. If not, do not hesitate to ask pediatricians and / or speech therapists for a second opinion.

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