What the numerology says of your baby's name

What the numerology says of your baby's name

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Choosing a name for the baby to be born, among thousands of names that there are, is a difficult task and also requires a lot of responsibility. Parents should be clear about what name they are going to give their little one because it is very easy to fall into doubt or uncertainty.

There are those who are very clear about the name that their baby will have, those who choose that of a relative and those who prefer names with some meaning. There are even wants to be based on the numbers. Know what the numerology of your baby's name is.

The name of my daughter, for example, I chose it because as my husband and I have studied at a school run by Franciscan nuns, we were clear that she would be called Clara, the best friend from San Francisco. But we also liked Lucia, by the sound of it, and Noa, the name of the first woman who has fought for her rights.

On the other hand, I could also have chosen my daughter's name looking for a beautiful and original meaning. For example, Soraya means princess; Yaiza means rainbow or ray of light; or Sheila which means fairy. If I had had another daughter, maybe I would have consulted the numerology of names, a science that has existed for many years.

When I was a teenager, I loved consulting numerology with my friends. It is incredible, but my number is 8 and it says a lot about my character and way of being: I have a lot of energy, I am restless, active and enthusiastic, but I am also too demanding and impatient; I recognize it.

If you want to know what the personality traits of the baby you are expecting will be like, you just have to type the possible name and surname that you little one will wear and you will know which number corresponds to his name. Numerology also allows you to know the number of the father or mother of the child.

In it can be calculated in a very comfortable and fast way. In addition, you can repeat the application as many times as you want or wish, with different names for your baby. Numerology can be of help to you to choose the name for your baby.

If you want to calculate the numerology of the name of your baby or his parents, CLICK HERE.

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