Boys Scouts embody the value of equality between boys and girls after 100 years

Boys Scouts embody the value of equality between boys and girls after 100 years

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Although it may seem incredible, Boys scouts in the USA they will change their popular name, in which they excluded girls, to be renamed Scouts BSA as of 2019.

The integration of girls into this group comes at a time when the fight for equality between boys and girls is on the rise.

We tell you more reasons why Boys Scouts embody the value of equality between boys and girls.

This association has been one of the most popular to international level, but especially in the US, where more than 2.3 million children and young people between 7 and 21 years old, to which are added almost a million volunteers, are part of its ranks.

Its origin, however, is English. It was born as a way of fight crime in England in 1900, forming “good citizens” through a method that is close to military inspiration and nature. His ideals pursue the instill values to children based on the call Scouting, an ideological movement that promotes outdoor play with values.

Years later, he penetrated strongly into American society, seeking to train children responsible, with character development and self-sufficient, through programs oriented towards the good of the community and life in nature.

The Scout method promotes typical explorers' values ​​such as honesty, good citizenship, and outdoor skills, through a variety of activities like camping, water sports and excursions.

However, in the US, among all these values, there was no prevailing the value of equality between boys and girls, and it has taken more than 100 years for the organization to take a step towards gender equality by eliminating the “boys” from its name, and incorporating girls to its followers, which in recent years had declined significantly, hence the second reason that the association to modernize.

Little by little it seems that this association is taking little steps, in the USA, to adapt to the 21st century, and a few years ago the news reached us that now they also accepted gay and transsexual children, and even homosexual monitors, something totally surprising knowing that 70% of these associations belong to religious entities. Of course, whoever makes the law cheats, and these religious organizations may continue to limit the access of homosexuals for leadership positions protected by the respect to "continue to elect adult leaders whose beliefs are consistent with yours."

This has really been a rather formal act, since a couple of years ago the Boys Scouts incorporated girls into their ranks, after their female version called Girls scouts, denounced them for that matter.

Hopefully the moral values ​​they enact are not really extensible to just a few.

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