What is the right clothes for the crawling baby

What is the right clothes for the crawling baby

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When my baby started to crawl, I didn't think about buying him any special clothes, I thought that the clothes I had would be worth it, as long as it facilitated the cross-pattern movement that they perform when they crawl.

However, I later realized that not just any clothing was the most suitable to allow freedom of movement for the baby. There were also pants that shredded at the knees. Thus browsing the Internet I have discovered a variety of clothes or accessories to facilitate crawling for the little ones in this stage so full of movement and protect her little knees.

We tell you what is the right clothes for the crawling baby.

As I have said before, not just any clothes are suitable for baby's crawling time, but some can present a problem for him. What are the fundamental problems that we encounter when a baby crawls ?:

- Slips due to not having adequate clothing or a floor slippery. Clothes that are too thin are often very slippery, thus preventing the child from crawling well.

- In winter they can catching cold when crawling on the floor. Think that your belly is going to be very close to the ground constantly, so it is better that they do not wear shirts that can climb up when crawling, but bodys that are gathered in the butt, or bibs.

- In summer that knees and legs are damaged. Shorts are a bad idea for crawling, as are dresses.

- And above all freedom of movement. Rigid garments made of rigid fabrics do not allow the baby freedom of movement and can cause chafing.

Faced with these difficulties I have found several ideas that are very useful:

1. Special clothes for babies with built-in padded knee pads, designed to protect children and their clothes during the stage when they spend the most time on the ground. They are special pants for crawling, they are easily placed over clothing, and they are also very easy to remove and wash ... and they allow both children and their street clothes to be always clean, protected and perfect.

2. If you don't want to spend money on these special clothes for children, we will always have the classic knee pads, that we can place on our baby's clothes, so that they do not hurt their knees. These pads protect your baby's knees but also prevent clothing from wearing.

3. Another option that I have also found on the Internet is to protect your pants in an effective way, it is recycle a pair of old socks, cut the ends and put them on top of the pants as a knee pad, so that the heel of the sock coincides with the baby's knee.

Courage, choose the one that best suits your style and crawl!

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