The success of animals in videos for children

The success of animals in videos for children

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Who said that animals can't talk, sing and dance? Well, he was wrong. Just like the dogs, the chicken and the pig can also not only talk but play and entertain children.

TheChocolo Dog is a demonstration that you can have a lot of fun with children and animals, and it does it in great style and with great success among the little ones. We explain the reason for the success of animals in videos for children.

El Pecho Chocolo is the second largest and most successful channel in all of Chile. This nice little dog was born at the beginning of 2009 with the song ‘The dances of Chocolo', In order to encourage playful activity in boys and girls, favoring their social, psychomotor and cognitive skills. The idea is that children, as well as their parents, use the material from their videos to play and share fun and pleasant moments.

I have been browsing the house of the Chocolo Dog, the preschool video channel, and I have come across countless videos of this sweet and funky puppy with his friends, a horse, a calf, hen, pig or pig, chick, duck , and a girl, with emotional and tender songs, attractive settings, full of colors and in the middle of nature.

Although the Spanish language, spoken in Latin American countries and Spain, has its differences, when it comes to singing and playing with children, it represents a wealth for them. Thinking about it, the producerOn time, creator of the content and director of the digital animations of the Chocolo Dog, has published the web One two three to play! where you can find the lyrics to all songs from videos, a TV series, and DVDs. But I won't tell you more. Better watch one of his most visited videos and loved by children.

To the kids they love animal videos: they are fun, full of color, and they are also capable of identifying numerous emotions in them. An ideal option!

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