Left-handed, right-handed or ambidextrous children

Left-handed, right-handed or ambidextrous children

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In left-handed children, despite using the left hand, the right cerebral hemisphere predominates and, in right-handed children, the left cerebral hemisphere. It is the laterality or the preference that we have to use one side of the body in a natural way.

It is not known exactly why this preference to use the right hand or foot before the left, vice versa or both interchangeably, there are many and varied explanations.

On our site we explain several curiosities about left-handed, right-handed and ambidextrous children.

What makes a child right-handed or left-handed? Why are left-handed people considered more intelligent and creative? What is an ambidextrous child like? We answer all these questions.

How are left-handed children. Child left-hander. Experts claim that a child is right-handed or left-handed from the moment they are born. Many parents wonder if there are techniques so that they can change the dominance of their child's left hand to the right, as if that were a decision of the boy or the girl. Left-hander is not a disease. It is just a characteristic of the child that cannot and should not be corrected.

Ambidextrous children. There are children who are equally skilled with both hands and are able to perform tasks with both hands with the same degree of effectiveness. This is what we call ambidexterity. Ambidextrous children. We tell you its causes, as well as some curiosities.

Are left-handed children smarter? There are hundreds of scientific studies on child left-handers that, although they do not agree on many points, do seem to affirm that left-handers have certain abilities. We tell you why science says that left-handed children are smarter. The advantages that left-handed children usually present.

Why is a child right or left handed? Scientists have just found a finding that can completely change everything we knew so far about why a person is left or right handed. We will tell you. According to the researchers, the cause of left-hander is not in the brain, but in the spinal cord.

Why are children born left-handed? Causes of child left-handedness. Left-handed children are those who naturally use the left side of their body more. our site reveals why there are children who are more likely to use the left hand to write. How to help the left-handed child to adapt in a world of right-handed people.

How to help the left-handed child at school. Guidelines for left-handed children in school. Since the world is made for right-handed people, we can take some steps to help left-handed children in school. How to help left-handed children adapt to school. The left-hander today is considered one more characteristic of the child, which should not be changed.

Curiosities about lefties. Advantages and curiosities of the left-hander in childhood. There are certain curiosities that left-handed children gather. On our site we tell you 10 curious things about children who handle the left hand and foot. Being left-handed shouldn't be a problem for a child. Left-hander is not a disease.

Educating a left-handed child. Adaptation of a left-handed child in a right-handed world. There are no reasons to think that left-handedness is a learning, language or intelligence disorder. Nor is it a disease or a sign of skill. Lefties are just as skilled as righties, as long as they use their preferred hand.

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