What problems can occur after phimosis operation in children

What problems can occur after phimosis operation in children

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The majority of interventions for phimosis that are practiced in children do not present any type of complication. The most normal thing is that everything evolves well and your child does not present more than slight discomfort after the surgery.

However, there is a small percentage of operations for phimosis in children that may present some type of complication. Pay attention because we list, with the help of the pediatrician of the Hospital 12 de Octubre Iván Carabaño, some of the problems that can occur after phimosis operation in children.

As in any surgery, there can always be a case of wound infection. The most normal thing is that it does not occur, but in a small percentage the surgical wound can become infected. To avoid this, it is best to take care of the wound with good hygiene and the application of an antiseptic solution with povidone iodine.

If, despite carrying out all the pediatric recommendations during the postoperative period, the area becomes considerably infected or inflamed, the pediatrician will be in charge of recommending the use of antibiotics to avoid complicating wound infection.

Pay attention to these symptoms, they will help you to detect an infection early of the surgical wound after the phimosis operation:

  • The wound is reddened (alarmingly).
  • Draining pus (exuding a whitish material).
  • Your child complains of severe and ongoing pain that cannot be overcome with any type of pain reliever.

It is in this case that the pediatrician, depending on the degree of infection, rrecommend the use of antibiotics to stop it.

Another complication that can also occur after phimosis surgery in children is balanitis, which is nothing more than the inflammation of the glans penis and the foreskin that covers it. Many times, this inflammation is seen only as a small edema of the glans that resolves spontaneously in a few days.

However, if that inflammation is also accompanied of intense pain, that is not passed or with painkillers such as paracetamol, or if we observe the exit of purulent material, antibiotics should be given to stop the infection.

In all these cases of complications after the operation of phimosis in children, an antibiotic is usually enough to stop it.

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