Tricks to avoid mosquito bites in children

Tricks to avoid mosquito bites in children

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With the arrival of good weather and holidays, the unforgettable moments fun for children, but also some drawbacks of these hot periods, such as sunburn, fungus or insect bites.

The mosquito bites They are common in summer and, although in some places they are not a health hazard, the truth is that they are the most annoying. To some extent, mosquito bites can be avoided in children and we have some tricks to prevent them.

Maybe this summer our children will take home the occasional insect bite because they cannot be completely avoided, but we can reduce their incidence by taking some basic precautions.

1. Keeping children away from areas where mosquitoes are more concentrated and especially first thing in the morning and at dusk is the first recommendation to avoid bites and also allergic reactions in children.

2. Clothing is a key factor in preventing mosquito bites. It is recommended to wear clothing Light colors and whenever possible use long sleeves and pants to cover as much skin as possible.

3. Place on the windows of the house basil plants to reduce the entry of mosquitoes. This plant can also be used as a natural repellent for mosquitoes if we rub some leaves on the body of children.

4. Avoid bathing the child with soaps with strong odors and forgetting the colony or perfume, since these smells attract mosquitoes and other insects.

5. The chemical repellants They can cause allergies in some children, so we can opt for other natural repellants such as citronella or rosemary.

6. Mosquitoes bite based on the body odor, so food also has a great influence on attracting more or fewer mosquitoes. Vitamin B1 or garlic prevents a large number of mosquito bites.

Despite these preventive measures, it is practically impossible to completely avoid an insect bite. Nor is it a matter of keeping the child locked up all summer and, after all, the bites and other summer incidents they are part of the holidays.

There is no danger in the bite of a mosquito in some places like Spain, for example. If it occurs in tropical places or with danger of contagion of any disease, it is best to have the bite treated by a pediatrician. Even so, care must be taken that the bite does not lead to an infection if the child spends the day touching or scratching it.

The best way to treat a mosquito bite is by applying a cold washcloth or spraying the skin with a thermal water spray. Aloe vera applied directly to the bite is also one of the better painkillers for itching. And if we see that around the bite the area has become very swollen or too red, we must see a doctor.

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