How to reduce child health problems from heat

How to reduce child health problems from heat

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The cold is uncomfortable, but for many people, including myself, the heat is more so. For children, especially if they are very young, excess ambient heat can be dangerous (risk of dehydration, increased body temperature ...). These strategies will help you avoid child health problems from the heat.

There is a simple solution, and applicable in many homes, which is the resource of turning on the air conditioner. Air conditioning is not bad per se for children (the false myth that it causes colds must be banished), although it can dry out the environment and mucous membranes a bit.

If you do not have air conditioning, we provide you with a series of tips to better cope with very hot days, and thus reduce the appearance of health problems related to heat:

- Ventilate the room in the coolest hours of the day (first thing in the morning, first thing at night). At night you can leave the windows open, but beware of the access of mosquitoes to the house.

- In the central hours of the day, try to keep the room blinds ajar and the windows closed.

- Cover the sofa with a fine white cloth, if your child sits down to read or watches TV for a while.

You can use a fan. From my point of view, the ideal fans are those that hang from the ceiling, because they do not generate discomfort on the ears (I personally find it annoying that the air jet falls on this area of ​​the body). Nowadays there are very quiet devices that do not interfere with rest.

- Turn off electronic / electrical appliances that are turned on unnecessarily. They're a avoidable heat source.

- Heat and humidity are enhanced. For this reason, avoid hanging clothes inside the house if the heat is suffocating.

- You have to drink fluids frequently. The best way to hydrate is to drink water, rather than resorting to juices, even if they are natural, as they provide many free sugars.

- Avoid doing sports in the central hours of the day.

- Never ever leave your child locked in the car, while parked, even for a few minutes. That can be a death trap for him.

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