Consequences for the child of resisting the urge to urinate

Consequences for the child of resisting the urge to urinate

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We have all done it at some point, either because we are entertained with something else, out of laziness or because we prefer to do it at home. And, sometimes relieving the physiological need to urinate comes at a very inappropriate time.

It happens to children very often, it is very common to see them dancing and jumping while the mother or father asks: but are you peeing? Why don't you go to the bathroom? ... go pee now ! It's not that parents are very heavy, it's thatgetting used to putting up with the urge to urinate has dire consequences.

'Are you peeing?' My sister-in-law is always doing the same thing with her daughter, who hates going to the bathroom in public places and holds on until she can't take it anymore. You see her dancing, clutching her panties, squatting ... This image is very common, because, among other things, children have a hard time leaving what they have in hand to go to the bathroom, however, this has consequences.

- Widening of the bladder: the bladder is prepared to admit between 150 and 220 ml of liquid, although it depends on each person. When it is full, the brain gives the order to go to pee, producing a feeling of discomfort. If we don't, we continue to hold on and block that sensation and also continue to ingest fluid, the bladder walls will continue to widen.

- Infections: Through pee, we eliminate substances that the body does not need, so waste and acids are stored in the bladder. If these substances are stored constantly in the urinary tract or in the bladder itself, they can damage them. In addition, if children get used to resisting the urge to urinate, they will keep the bacteria in the body for longer, this can cause infections and even cystitis.

- Damage to the kidneys: the kidneys filter toxins from the body before they are excreted in the urine. So keeping these wastes in the bladder can cause the kidneys to begin to store small residues in the form of crystals, and then go on to form stones or stones, something that is really painful.

- Leaks: Children have limited urine control, it is possible that playing or laughing they end up peeing on themselves, which is an embarrassing situation for them if they are with other children, in addition to the disorder of having to go home to change their clothes.

- Other consequences: stomach pain, cramps, tiredness, chills, pelvic pain, fever due to infection or anxiety are other symptoms that the child could suffer if he gets used to blocking the urge to urinate.

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