Ten experiences children will never forget

Ten experiences children will never forget

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What things we have done during our childhood that we will never forget, right? As children, everything attracts us, everything seems huge, intense and attractive. Maybe that's why everything remains etched in our mind and, despite the years, we will always remember as if everything had happened recently.

Apart from the special moments that I have lived as a family, there are experiences like swimming in the river, playing in the rain or with the hose, that I will never forget. We tell you what the ten experiences children will never forget.

However, when we have children, we seem to become too fearful about offering them new experiences. Many times we forget how important the direct contact with nature and materials, and we are more concerned with protecting them from everything. Thinking about it, I have made a list of 10 proposals that your children need to experience in their childhood. They are a source of fun, learning and freedom for them.

1- Getting thoroughly dirty with the sand in the park, from the beach, with the land ... many children are attracted to the experience of staining their feet in the mud, on the wet grass, splashing the puddles, and staining themselves with everything, without worry. Play in the rain or with the hose with experiences that children will never forget.

2- Walk barefoot on the sand of the beach, on the grass, on the floor of the house ... Let the children feel sensations through their bare feet on the stones, snow, sea and river water, mud, etc.

3- Walk through the countryside, have a picnic, wallow in a meadow, climb a tree to collect fruits and discover the pleasure of eating something that they themselves have taken with their own hands, climbing mountains, reaching the top ..., these are experiences that will avoid the fears in children.

4- Be in direct contact with animals. And I don't just mean to take care of them, make them affectionate, as well as feed them or milk a cow or a sheep ..., under the supervision of an adult, of course.

5- Set up a shelter or a cabin. With the fallen branches of the trees or with cardboard boxes you can set up ‘caves’ and ‘hiding places’, Indian huts as a corner to share with friends. If you have a garden and a tent at home, it would be nice for the children to sleep a night away from home in the bell. At the pool, you can also use the towels on the lawn to make cabanas. They will love this adventure.

6- Build a home garden with the children. The experience of plant, sow, water and care of vegetables, and then seeing the fruits and tasting them, is educational and fun for children. They will fill you with responsibility and commitment.

7- Eat with your hands It is one of the most enjoyable experiences for children. My daughter, when she was little, was excited about being able to eat peas, some pasta, couscous, chops, or whatever with her hands. Of course, always with clean hands and at home.

8- Get into a river and trying to fish, it is also an unmissable experience for children. Watching the fish, the frogs ..., or just splashing in the water and swimming, is a unique sensation. Following the course of a river or going around a lake and seeing ducks, insects, fish, frogs jumping, can be a lot of fun for children.

9- Build a kite or another toy with recycled or natural materials, it is very simple and educational for children. They can make toys with stones, mud, with leaves, invent a dam in a stream with tree branches, fly a kite, make a rain stick, etc.

10- To jump on the bed and make ‘war’ of pillows. I wonder what child, ever, has not experienced jumping in their parents' bed and playing with the pillows, on a Sunday morning ... It is great!

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