Practical methods for children to obey their parents

Practical methods for children to obey their parents

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When educating a child, one of the greatest concerns of parents is get the child to be obedient. To do this, it must be taken into account that the way of acting of the parents is essential to achieve this, since if there is no conviction on the part of the parents, the child will continue doing and undoing at will without obeying their parents at all.

In Guiainfantil we spoke with the child psychologist Maria Luisa Ferrerós to know some of the tricks that parents can follow to get their children's attention. These tips can help resolve everyday conflicts such as those that arise when dressing, eating or showering.

1- Some children often complain when going to bed or getting dressed in the morning. In this case, what the parents should do is stand firm and carry the decision taken to the end. For example, if the child is not dressed at the time we tell him and we have warned him that in that case he would go to school in pajamas, we have to do it. In this way, the child will learn that when his parents say something, this is serious, so the next time he will not hesitate to obey his parents.

The first thing to be convinced to take action should be the parents. The moment the child notices that the parents doubt or that they will not dare, for example, to take him in pajamas to school, the battle with the child will be lost.

2- Another of the practical tips to get the child to obey is to give you the opportunity to decide for yourself and that he is not forced to do something he does not like. For this we must propose two alternatives and try to make them make the decision. An example is at breakfast time when many children refuse to drink milk. At this time we must speak clearly with him and tell him that the doctor has said that you should drink half a liter of milk a day. So you can have a glass of milk in the morning or two in the afternoon.

The child will always tend to choose the most favorable option, since if he does not like milk, it will be better for him to have a small glass in the morning and another in the afternoon than two in a row at the same time. In this way, we will have achieved our goal by leaving the child to decide for himself.

3- It is essential that parents come to believe the power they have, since on many occasions do not make decisions for fear of the child's reaction. Children have to learn from the first moment that when their parents say no, they do not. So, as children grow, they will know perfectly well what their parents will let them do and what they will not do, thus avoiding further conflicts in the future.

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