The burrito good. Children's poem about kindness

The burrito good. Children's poem about kindness

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Through stories, poems and fables, children learn great life lessons. East poem for kids, The good burrito, talks to the little ones about the importance of being kind and supportive of others.

Is a children's poem about kindness which tries to convey to children the idea that they should help others whenever they can, they will feel better about themselves and will have contributed to a good deed. It is a beautiful poem with values.

With two jugs of milk

the burrito was loaded,

without spilling a drop

He took him to the village.

They waited for him in the village

the children overjoyed,

the burrito was going slowly

very carefully.

Because the burrito knew

that was all his food,

hopefully a piece of bread

it was all his livelihood.

One day on the road

a pitcher broke,

the burrito very sorry,

heartbroken he cried.

A starving child approached

when he saw how he cried

and although I was very hungry

he consoled the little donkey.

On our site we provide you with some tips to make your children be kind to others:

- Be a good example of kindness for your children.

- Ask them to help grandparents and be a company for them.

- Teach them to help those in need: either to open the door for someone or to give way to an old man on the bus.

- Encourage collaboration at home, either taking care of siblings or participating more in homework.

- Go together to deliver clothes, food or belongings to aid institutions for the most needy.

- Reinforce their good behavior when they show solidarity and congratulate them.

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