3 great games to teach empathy to children

3 great games to teach empathy to children

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Empathy is certainly one of the great values ​​for children. It is itself a container of values, since empathy implies knowing and using many other values. Hence the importance of educating our children in empathy and helping them develop this value from a young age.

The best thing to educate children when they are young is play. Through play, children internalize abstract words much better. Therefore, we have collected three fantastic games to teach empathy to children. Here you are.

Play is the best learning vehicle for childrenSo these games are really effective in teaching the all-important value of empathy. They are very simple and children from 3 years old can participate.

1. The mimicry. Sometimes it is easier for us to represent an emotion with gestures than with words. Mimicry is an excellent tool for children to express their emotions. You can use it to create empathy in the following way: Ask a child to mime. You will whisper a word related to an emotion in his ear and he will have to represent it through gestures so that the other children can guess which one it is. for example: joy, sadness or anger ... Or you can ask him to interpret a situation by staging well the emotions that arise from the story. For example: 'he is playing and falls off the swing and hurts himself'.

2. The factions. Touch, physical contact, is essential when creating bonds that help us to get to know the other person more and in this way, have more facility to put ourselves in their place. For this game, you must ask one of the participating children to blindfold. Then you must approach the rest and try to recognize them by feeling their features. This helps children to overcome their fear, their shyness, and to lose their fear of knowing the other through touch.

3. Look into each other's eyes. So simple and so forgotten. The eyes transmit much more than any other part of the body, and yet we tend to look away due to the mistrust of meeting the other. Have you ever tried this game? You should ask two children to sit opposite each other and stay for a minute looking into each other's eyes. It may be uncomfortable but ... you will be surprised by the amount of information they can silently extract from each other, just by looking into each other's eyes. When the minute is up, ask each of them to try to describe the other child. Not on the outside, but on the inside. How do you imagine your partner is? Are you optimistic, pessimistic? Shy, outgoing?

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