Changing baby's diapers is an art for some parents

Changing baby's diapers is an art for some parents

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While it may seem funny how some parents change their baby's diaper, it is not always funny for them. When it comes to changing the diaper because the baby has pooped, for example, it is common to see them disputing the responsibility of changing the diaper.

It is not always pleasant, you have to admit it. However, no one can run away from this task. Not changing the baby's diaper when the little one needs it, can affect their delicate skin, and therefore give parents a headache.

With the first poops of the nursing baby and because it is still very small and our inexperience in the placement of diapers, it is easy for us to find ourselves faced with scandalous leaks that stain not only the buttocks, but also the back, pajamas, clothes, sheets, etc.

For these challenges to involve less effort, we must provide ourselves with everything necessary before removing the dirty diaper: wipes, basin, cloth or sponge, pajamas, diaper container and, of course, a clean diaper appropriate to the weight of our baby.

Many children may feel annoyed and uncomfortable when the diapers are removed, some older children do not stop moving and want to throw themselves on the floor, so we must offer them a comfortable and pleasant environment, avoiding putting their skin directly on the cold plastic surface of the changing table , and giving them a toy to manipulate or a mobile that catches their attention.

We can also take the opportunity to play for a little while, making rascals on the gut, talking to them, etc. If possible, the best thing is that the diaper change is always in the same place so that the baby recognizes the situation, and it is preferable to do it on a changing table, which will allow us to stay with our back straight and more comfortable with our child.

In general, the diaper change should be done every three or four hours, checking the diaper every hour or so, if a suspicious smell has not reached our nose before. Here are some recommendations to make your baby's diaper change perfect:

- Keep the baby's skin as dry and clean as possible to avoid irritation.

- Carefully clean the genitals, folds, thighs and anus. Drag the wipe from front to back in girls to prevent the remains from ending up inside the vagina. Children do not need to remove the skin from the foreskin, it is better to do it during the bath. If we use soap, rinse it thoroughly with water and dry the skin before putting on a new diaper.

- If redness or irritation is observed, a moisturizing cream should be applied in the folds and in the areas of friction (avoiding that it enters the interior of the genitals). If the problem worsens, we should consult with the pediatrician for the child to have a fungal or bacterial infection.

- If the child has diarrhea or has pooped, it is advisable not to delay in changing their diaper, a few minutes will be enough for their stools to damage their skin.

- If cloth diapers are used, avoid aggressive detergents or bleaches and rinse them very well. A good way to disinfect cloth diapers is by ironing them.

- We can have a cover to leave the baby without a diaper for a while, it will come in handy for his skin and will encourage him to move his little legs in total freedom.

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