Little autonomous children who do nothing by themselves

Little autonomous children who do nothing by themselves

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Children are becoming more and more dependent on adults. We are doing something wrong. We should go forward and it seems that we are going back by leaps and bounds.

Children now need us for practically everything. They assume less and less responsibilities and parents, on the contrary, we cannot cope. We make your responsibilities our own.

Some healthcare professionals call this generation the "GENERATION F" of lazy. We must assume our responsibility as parents and change course so that this is no longer the case! What should we stop doing for our children? How to act with little autonomous children who do nothing for themselves?

If we want our children to be autonomous, self-sufficient and responsible, we must stop ...

- Talk to other mothers and / or fathers through the WhatsApp group about our children's homework and exams. Many times we do this so that we can take care of keeping their agenda and remind them of tasks to ensure that everything is going well. Error! If we do this for them, why are they going to write down what they have to do on the agenda if we are already going to do it for them? If they forget to do their homework, absolutely nothing happens, the teacher will take care of giving them a consequence so that it does not happen again.

- Study with them so that they learn the lesson well. They alone can do it, they don't need us to study. The academic contents have been designed so that all children can function successfully without needing the help of adults.

- Do absolutely everything in the house. They are children and this implies that they have limitations. But, there are many things they can do based on their age. We can teach them to make their bed, make a glass of milk, prepare a sandwich, collect their dirty clothes, set and remove the table, peel the fruit, prepare something to eat such as a sandwich, a pizza, a salad. , etc.

- Assume self-care tasks for them (showering, brushing teeth, washing hair, dressing, combing hair, cleaning after using the bathroom, etc.). Children have to be able to do all these kinds of tasks by themselves, they have to be self-sufficient. Of course, we must teach them how to do it and offer our help until they have learned how to do it. But, we do not have to do it ourselves if it is not necessary and we do not have to be reminding them a thousand times a day.

- Resolve conflicts with people around them (classmates, teachers, etc.). If our children have a conflict with the people around them, we must let them solve it. Now yes, if they need our help of course we will give it to them. But, first we must let the children think about how to resolve the conflict and deal with this situation.

- Make decisions for them. We must allow them to be free, to explore, to make mistakes without fear, to decide for themselves what they like and in what they want to invest their free time. If we make decisions for them tomorrow, they will have a hard time deciding for themselves. And when they have to face a decision they will be overwhelmed and overwhelmed, they will not feel able to do it without first consulting the decision with their parents.

- Put limits on your imagination and your initiatives. If they propose to do something… let them do it if it is safe! That is, we can let them cook something, do experiments at home, decorate their room to their liking, do the crafts or projects that have occurred to them, etc.

We cannot live for them. If we assume everything for them, we will protect them from many dangers. It is true. But, in turn, we are going to prevent them from having fun, growing and becoming stronger as people.

If we let them take the reins, to the extent possible, the mistakes they make will be their responsibility and they will learn from them. But, when things go well and are successful, it will also be your credit. This will help build your self-esteem.

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