When the child does not want to sleep alone

When the child does not want to sleep alone

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Of course children don't want to sleep alone! They neither want nor should. Babies who are not in contact with their mothers' bodies experience an inhospitable empty universe that takes them away from the longing for well-being that they brought with them from the period when they lived inside the loving womb of their mothers.

Newborn babies are not prepared for a leap into nothingness: to a crib without movement, without smell, without sound, without feeling of life.

This separation of the body from the mother causes more suffering than we can imagine and establishes a senselessness in the mother-child bond. Nothing happens if we bring the children to our bed. We will all be happy. It is only enough to do the test to verify that the child falls asleep between smiles, that the night is soft and that there is nothing that can be counterproductive when there is well-being.

Unfortunately young mothers distrust our ability to understand our children's requests, which are unmistakably clear. Socially circulates the idea that satisfying the needs of a baby makes them 'spoiled', although paradoxically, we obtain over and over again the opposite result to that expected, since to the extent that we do not sleep body to body with children, nor do we touch , nor do we press them ... they are going to demand more and more.

Let us think that the 'time' for young children appears as a painful and heartbreaking event if the mother does not attend, unlike the experiences inside the womb where every need was instantly satisfied. Now the wait, it hurts. If children have to wait too long to find comfort in their mother's arms, they will cling vigorously to the breasts, biting, hurting or crying, as soon as they have access to the mother's body.

Fear will be the main company, because they will know that the absence of the mother will return at any moment to devour them. Children are right to claim physical contact as they are totally dependent on maternal care. They are aware of their state of fragility and do what every healthy child should do: demand sufficient care for their survival. The night is long and dark, and no child should go through it alone. Even when? Until the child no longer needs it.

Laura Gutman
Argentine psychopedagogue
Writer and expert on childhood and motherhood

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