Postpartum care: the first review with the midwife

Postpartum care: the first review with the midwife

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After giving birth, many mothers feel like they take a back seat. However, in practice, this feeling is far from reality, as now the mother needs to be in top shape to properly care for her newborn baby.

This is a vital paradox that occurs almost always after delivery. The mother abandons herself, prioritizing her baby, not realizing that she is as important as he is. Nobody forgets to take their baby for the second heel test seven days after birth, but we are not that strict when it comes to going to the midwife check-up.

To avoid forgetting it, it is best to make an appointment from the hospital to visit the midwife a week after the baby is born. Their advice is essential to face this new stage of life, motherhood. If the mother is physically and psychologically well, it will be much easier for her to overcome difficulties and fully enjoy raising her baby.

In this first appointment or check-up, which should be done seven days after giving birth, the midwife and gynecologist will check the episiotomy or cesarean section wound and will stop at the state of the breasts.

- Episiotomy
The healing of this wound is usually bothersome and the evolution of the suture should be evaluated by the doctor. If in addition to bothering it hurts, there is usually an infection and the need to administer an antibiotic compatible with breastfeeding will be assessed. If all goes well, the best way to keep the stitches dry is to use cellulose compresses, without plastic because they retain moisture. It is recommended to change them regularly and wash them with water and salt several times a day. To dry them later, it is advisable to use a hair dryer.

- Cesarean section
It demands less care. It is only recommended not to wet the wound and it has less chance of becoming infected. The fifth day cure should be done in the health center and the stitches are usually removed on the seventh or ninth day after giving birth.

- Breasts
The midwife will palpate the breasts to see if you notice hardness from accumulation of milk. If he notices any, he will teach you to empty your breast manually or with a breast pump. It is convenient to go to this check-up with the baby so that the midwife can see if he is latching on to the breast.

- Contraceptive methods
It is proven that breastfeeding does not prevent pregnancy, therefore, on the first appointment, the midwife will advise you on the different contraceptive methods. During breastfeeding, the barrier method or oral contraceptives compatible with breastfeeding are recommended.

If you just gave birth a few hours ago:

- Get up little by little. You should first sit down and then put your feet on the ground and walk. This way you will avoid suffering dizziness.

- Early ambulation. It is advisable to walk in the first hours after giving birth, with the help of someone so as not to fall.

- Analgesics. They are indicated for injuries, for episiotomy scar pain, for cesarean section discomfort, hemorrhoid pain and, in general, for all discomfort derived from childbirth.

- Cleaning and grooming. Except if you have given birth by cesarean section, you can shower, as it is convenient to keep the points in the abdominal region dry. In any case, it is important to maximize the hygiene of the genital area. Wash three times a day.

- Food to recharge your batteries. If your delivery has been vaginal you can eat 2 hours after giving birth. If you had a cesarean section, you should wait 6 hours to drink fluids and then start a soft diet. It is important to drink more than a liter and a half of water, as well as fruits, vegetables and cereals.

- Gases and evacuation. Due to the enema they usually put before delivery to empty the intestine, it is normal not to have a bowel movement the first day. If you have given birth by cesarean section and feel flatulence, it is important to pass gas.

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