Japanese proverbs to motivate children

Japanese proverbs to motivate children

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Japanese proverbs are full of wisdom. They are short phrases, similar to our sayings, that extract the thoughts and knowledge that have passed in Japan from generation to generation.

These short phrases contain great wisdom, so from We have selected a series of them so that you can use them to raise and educate your children happy and motivated.

1. If a problem has a solution, why bother? And if you don't have it, why bother?
We must not get carried away by doubts and concerns, but rather teach our children to be decisive.

2. The sun does not know good, the sun does not know bad. The sun illuminates and warms everyone equally. Who finds himself is like the sun
We should not care about differences, we must teach children to respect everyone equally.

3. Even the longest journey begins with a single step
Although the goal may seem unattainable, we must motivate our children to try it.

4. No one stumbles while lying in bed
We must take risks, and above all, strive to achieve our goals.

5. Happiness comes to the house where they laugh
We must teach our children to be optimistic.

6. If you ask you will feel ashamed for a minute, if you don't you will feel ashamed for a lifetime
We must overcome our fears and insecurities.

7. Check seven times before questioning a person
You have to respect the opinions of others.

8. Do everything you can, leave the rest to fate
If you've done everything you can to achieve your goal, be proud of yourself, even if it doesn't turn out the way you expect.

9. He who wants to climb, invents the ladder
We must motivate our children to overcome the obstacles in life.

10. Pretty flowers don't bear good fruit
Do not be carried away by appearances.

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