Advent calendar with Christmas recipes for children

Advent calendar with Christmas recipes for children

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Advent is the time of preparation, from December 1 to 24, the eve of the birth of the Child Jesus and in which Christmas begins. On our site and we have produced an original Interactive and digital Advent calendar for children. It is full of simple recipes for you to spend a fun Christmas with your family.

In this Advent Calendar, children will find 24 simple Christmas recipes to spend an entertaining time with the family this Christmas. Its use is very simple, you just have to click on the day of the Advent Calendar you want and it will take you to a Christmas cooking recipe that you can prepare together with the children that day.

All Christmas cooking recipes are easy, fun, and entertaining. In each of them you will find information about ingredients and how to prepare delicious dishes this Christmas.

The Christmas It is a very special time especially in families with children. The houses are filled with lights, Christmas decorations, gifts and delicious Christmas menus.

In the Advent Calendar you will find canapes, savory recipes and of course Christmas sweets. All the simple ones are of simple preparation, ideal for cooking with the family and having a good time in the kitchen during these Christmas holidays.

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