Advantages and disadvantages of the Fortnite game for children

Advantages and disadvantages of the Fortnite game for children

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Junk bar, Underground sinkhole, Commerce city, Odorless industries, Gloomy hills, Compromised reels, Lethal Latifundio, Tomato town, lucky landing ... If you are reading me you will think that I have gone crazy, but it is not like that, was reading outside your son would surely be super interested in the article and far from looking crazy, he would think that I am talking about something that interests him and also, in their own language.

I'm sure by now you know what I'm talking about, right? Well yes, you're right, you're right, I'm talking about Fornite, the famous playstation game that seemed like a trend, but from what it seems it has come to stay. So it is best to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the game of Fortnite for children, so you know what you're dealing with.

Apart from all the marketing strategy that accompanies the game and that has been analyzed by specialists, (especially the fact of offering a free game, although then it really isn't, etc ...) Fortnite has very much hooked our children youths.

And yes I am too father of a child who dedicates more hours to him than all parents think they should. But as dikes to the sea cannot be put, and since the game in question has come to stay, what I have done has been analyze its advantages and disadvantages, that can surely be used to know what your child faces every time he plays. Knowing those advantages and disadvantages will make you act accordingly. I'll start with the 5 advantages and save the disadvantages for last.

A) Advantages for your child of playing Fortnite:

1. It is a game that you can play with friends. The fact of being able to play online and be talking with friends, makes you not spend time alone.

2. It can be a team game where you have to help each other. Some will help each other and others will not, but it is designed to play as a team and help each other. The value of help is essential for the emotional development of our children.

3. It keeps you in constant tension. It is a game in which you cannot relax for a minute. That keeps our children alert and may be good training to maintain attention. Always in moderation and without exceeding the limits.

4. It is an extremely fun game. Fun things are always more popular than things that are not.

5. It is an eminently strategic game. And when someone needs to develop some kind of strategy, they are developing creativity.

B) Disadvantages. For me these are the 4 most important disadvantages of fornite:

1. It is a game that has all the components to be extremely addictive. Therefore as parents we must moderate the time our children are exposed to the game.

2. It is a game that without control you can be playing 5-6 hours. I know children who without their parents knowing have done it.

3. Although it is a game that you have to help yourself to, as I have said before, in the end it is an extremely competitive game as only one can win. Therefore the value it transmits is that of insane competition and individual values.

4. If you do not control it, children may be able to shop and buy ruthlessly. We are talking about spending money for the mere fact of acquiring more skills, weapons or whatever. Eye…. Be careful with this, it can make a hole in your important pocket.

Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages, from my point of view the balance leans as disadvantages weigh more than the advantages of playing Fortnite. That does not mean that our children should not play, what it means is that they have to do it in moderation and parents control their exposure time.

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