Tips for removing diapers from children during the day and night

Tips for removing diapers from children during the day and night

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Take off the baby's diaper it is a difficult mission. We must never accelerate the removal of the diaper, since each child's maturation is different, there are even differences between boys and girls, since the maturation of the bladder in girls occurs earlier than in boys.

Among the tips for removing the diaper day and night for children, the Dr. Juan Carlos Ruíz de la Roja, book authorWhy do children wet the bed? Answers from a doctor, recognizes in his book that before beginning with the removal of the diaper it is necessary for the child to become aware that he has a full bladder, as well as the recognition that he wants to urinate. Both requirements are essential to achieve voluntary control of urination.

When and at what age should parents start removing their children's diapers during the day?
Between 12 and 24 months, because at this age both the sphincter and the bladder begin to mature and it is time when we can begin to remove the child's diaper and put the child on the toilet so that he learns how to urinate .

How do we remove the diaper from the child according to his age? What steps should parents follow in each case?
It is very important to teach children to urinate; either teaching them to urinate standing up or sitting on the toilet, with their legs at right angles and supported by a small stool.

When can we remove the child at night?
From the age of two we must start, but from the age of 3 we must be more active and begin with a complete removal of the diaper. We must bear in mind that the night diaper can be kept up to 5 years old and this would not be something worrying because from the age of 5 is when we consider that the child has enuresis and it is necessary to consult the doctor.

What steps should we follow to remove the diaper from children at night?
We must remove the night diaper when we begin to see that it appears dry. If it appears damp or very wet, it should not be removed because the child will wet the sheets and many times the child will get cold and it will be worse. But, if from the age of 5, we have not been able to remove the diaper at night, it is advisable to have a medical consultation to see why the child continues to urinate.

Is it convenient to use the urinal or is it convenient to use the toilet directly to remove the diaper?
It is preferable to urinate in the toilet and the explanation is as follows. In girls, urination posture is important. By sitting down, having your legs at right angles and resting on a small stool, you are able to exert the necessary force to completely empty the contents of the bladder.

In fact, after urinating, children should be put back on the toilet so that they empty their bladder completely because children still have a very immature bladder and you have to make an effort to try to empty that bladder.

Why are there children who are so reluctant to remove their diapers at night? What is the reason for this resistance?
It is because they appear wet, damp and with tremendous discomfort. Therefore, if the child is still wet and is in the range of 5 years, the maintenance of the diaper is something suitable.

Is it better to remove the diaper in summer or winter?
It is always better in summer. As it is much hotter, first the child can be calmer without wearing a diaper and at night, if the child wets the bed, we prevent them from getting cold and catching any cold or constipation due to the humidity itself.

How long do children usually take to put off the diaper from the beginning of the day to the end of the night?
Children usually leave the daytime diaper between 2 and 3 years. The most difficult thing is to get night urine control and it is achieved around 3 years in a very high percentage. However, 1 in 4 four-year-olds still urinate at night and therefore must continue to keep the diaper up to 5 years. If from then on, the child continues to urinate, that is when it is necessary to consult the doctor.

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