Ibuprofen and paracetamol in pregnancy: are they dangerous?

Ibuprofen and paracetamol in pregnancy: are they dangerous?

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As midwives and gynecologists say "pregnancy is health", however it may be quite probable that during these nine months that your pregnancy will last, at some point, there will be some mild-moderate discomfort or some fever that in situations of 'no -pregnancy 'you managed them by taking some over-the-counter medicine.

But how to proceed during pregnancy? On our site we wonder if ibuprofen and paracetamol in pregnancy are dangerous.

The first thing we must tell you is that you consult with the health professionals who are carrying your pregnancy before taking any type of drug, no matter how innocuous it may seem or you do not need a prescription. During pregnancy, the metabolism of drugs is different, and it can not only affect you, but also have negative consequences on your baby or on the development of pregnancy.

1. Ibuprofen and pregnancy:

It is an anti-inflammatory drug, which is widely used to relieve mild-moderate pain and also antipyretic (to lower fever). However, this drug is not recommended to be taken during pregnancy.

According to recent studies, it seems that its intake (high doses) during the first trimester can affect the fertility of future babies. Apparently in girls it affects directly reducing the number of germ cells in the ovaries (future eggs), and in the case of boys they would also see affectations at the testicular level and consequently in the sperm.

What has been known for a long time, that ibuprofen taken in the third trimester can have tremendously negative consequences on the baby, since it causes the premature closure of the ductus arteriosus, which would cause an increase in intrapulmonary and arterial pressure ( this ductus closes once the baby is born).

2. Paracetamol while pregnant:

While acetaminophen was considered extremely safe during the conception stage, recent studies seem to point that it could also have negative effects on the fertility of male babies (although this is a study that has only been done in laboratory rats).

There are other studies that point to the intake of paracetamol as a possible cause of childhood asthma, or premature delivery (in women with pre-eclampsia in pregnancy). However, these are investigations that require more depth and larger patient samples.

Paracetamol continues to be the drug of choice in pregnant women, knowing that like any drug it can have side effects; although in medicine the principle of assessing the risk-benefit prevails. Therefore, always before taking anything during pregnancy, consult the midwife or gynecologist.

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