Be careful with the safety of children at home

Be careful with the safety of children at home

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Everything changes in a house when there are children, on weekends, on vacations, on weekdays ... For this reason, taking extreme care at home is the most effective way to avoid child accidents.

When children are at home, there is more noise and it is very normal to see shoes, toys, papers, ... scattered throughout the house, a "territory" not always prepared to prevent the little ones from being away from unpleasant accidents .

If you have children in your house, it would be good if you follow some basic tips to prevent accidents from spoiling the weekend, holidays, holidays, etc., of the family. To do this, you have to make sure children must not:

- Being alone in the kitchen or bathroom

- Being in the arms of the person who is cooking

- Being next to people who are using sharp objects (scissors, needles) or sharp objects

- Handle small objects that can be easily swallowed

- Being near electrical appliances such as heaters, fans, ovens, iron, mixer, etc.

- Play with plastic bags

- Play with toys that are not appropriate for their age

- Have access to the closet or drawer where medicines or toxic products (cleaning products, for example) are kept.

- Have access to windows

- Get used to getting on chairs or tables

- Step on floors that are still wet or damp

- Go up or down stairs without adult supervision

Even with all the care in the world, accidents can happen. And there we wonder how they could have happened. Perhaps carelessness, distraction, or a lack of foresight can cause accidents to happen. If neither we adults are free to have this unpleasant experience.

According to the latest statistics, in Spain more than 30 child domestic accidents are registered every hour and it is in the home that most accidents occur among children under four years of age. Therefore, all care is little when it comes to ensuring the safety of children. The best thing is that we are attentive, because home is not always the safest place for them.

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