Names for babies born in October

Names for babies born in October

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When it comes to naming the baby, the ideal is that it be a name that fits his personality. But how to know in advance the character of the baby? Through children's astrology and according to the sign of the zodiac and the month of his birth we can imagine part of his personality. We have some perfect name ideas for october babies.

If your baby is going to be born in October, it can be Libra or Scorpio, two signs of the zodiac which are very different but may have some common characteristics.

Babies born in October stand out for their friendliness and vital energy. They are laughing children who quickly become the soul of the group.

1. Franco
It is a name for a boy of Germanic origin that means "free man". In recent times it is gaining popularity for the freshness it transmits accompanied by a sensual touch and with a lot of appeal.

2. Julia
This name for a girl is of Latin origin and it is one of the most charming names. Although it has been known since ancient times, Julia maintains a fresh and original touch that makes it remain a modern and sophisticated name.

3. Martin
This name of Latin origin comes from the Roman god of war Mars. It is ideal to reinforce the personality of your child, since it is loaded with charisma and energy. In recent years is getting fashionable, so it wins places in the lists of frequent names.

4. Isabella
This is the Italian variant of a name of Hebrew origin, Isabel. In this version, the name gains in delicacy and sophistication, transferring to your girl's personality all the charm and charisma of one of the most beautiful names.

5. Ian
This name is of Gaelic origin and despite its original air it is nothing but the variant of the traditional Juan. In this version, the name gains in personality, although it maintains the forcefulness of the short names for boys.

6. Maria Eugenia
The Hebrew origin of Maria joins the Greek origin of Eugenia in one of the most traditional and most attractive names for girls. Its strength is such that it remains unchanged in popularity despite its use. And it is that it transmits a mysterious force that is difficult to resist.

7. Michelangelo
This traditional name for a boy is made up of a name of Hebrew origin, Miguel, and another name of Greek origin, Angel. The artistic reminiscences are inevitable in this name that will delight your child.

8. Ana
It is a name of Hebrew origin whose meaning speak of kindness and generosity. It comes from biblical tradition and has a long tradition, but it exudes a powerful energy that keeps it as one of the most prevalent names for girls.

9. Ethan
Considered many times as the equivalent of Izan, this name is of English origin and corresponds to a biblical character, Etán. In recent years, both Ethan and Izan are gaining popularity for being a short and simple name but brimming with personality.

10. Gabriela
This name of Hebrew origin has a meaning that speaks of divine force. Without a doubt, the name gives off an enormous charisma capable of reinforcing the personality of your girl. It is also a name full of delicacy and charm.

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