Tips for Parents of Stuttering Children

Tips for Parents of Stuttering Children

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Regardless of the stage of stuttering in which the child is, the support of family, friends, teachers, etc., is essential for their future. This means that even if the treatment is adequate, the child will only present positive results, if he has a positive environment around him.

That is why it is important that we pay attention to some guidelines that can help the child's family and friends to help him.

- Avoid correction when the stuttering child speaks

- Avoid criticism, teasing, or punishment, to a stuttering child

- Do not try to help him complete the word he wants to convey

- Give him all the time he needs to talk

- Do not make a scared face or show impatience when talking to the stuttering child

- Stimulate and promote the communication climate

- Share and play non-directive games with the child

- Tell stories to the child

- Recognize your problem and difficulty

- Correct only in very specific cases, but in a positive way

- Provide a relaxed atmosphere at home, which stimulates the speech of the stuttering child

- Listen carefully to the child

- Talking slowly with the child can help him to speak in the same way

- If the child brings it up, talk to him about his problem

- Avoid making comments like Talk slower or do not be nervous. Instead of helping you, these comments will make you even more tense and nervous.

- Be patient. Don't try to help a stutterer speak

- Try to convey to the stutterer that the most important thing is what he says and not how he says it

- Do not try to compete with the stutterer in speech

- When talking to a stutterer, try to behave the same as you would with another person

- Do not congratulate the person who stutters when he manages to complete a difficult sentence Remember that stuttering does not mean that the intellectual capacity of the person who suffers it is smaller

People who stutter are just as smart as those who speak fluently. Geniuses like Newton were stutterers. Due to their verbal difficulty in saying a word, stutterers often replace it with a synonym, which makes them develop a much richer and more developed verbal capacity.

They are faster in thinking when replacing words and phrases. Remember that the suffering of stutterers becomes greater than their difficulty in speaking. The suffering of children with stuttering often begins at school, where they can be laughed at or teased by their peers. That can change his character, and make him come back more lonely.

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