At what age do premature babies begin to crawl

At what age do premature babies begin to crawl

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Establishing an age when the baby begins to crawl, to take his first steps or to say his first words is difficult, because each baby follows his own times. Its development will also depend a lot on the stimulation that he receives from his parents and the environment.

Even more difficult is in the case of premature babies, since in addition to needing special care in their first months of life, it can also happen that their development slows down at first. In any case, with the proper stimulation and affection he needs, the premature baby will start to crawl and this will become a true family milestone.

There comes a time in the development of babies when they discover mobility. Most of them start crawling, but this is not necessarily a step prior to the first steps. It is towards 8 monthsWhen the baby already knows how to stay upright, this crawling event can occur.

In the case of premature babies, it may take a few more months to gain autonomy in their movements, so if your baby has 10 months and still not crawling, you shouldn't worry at all Instead, you should stimulate his mobility by helping him stay upright and guiding him when he starts trying to move.

Premature babies begin by learning to stand upright, put their heads high, their backs straight, and discover that they can propel themselves with their hands and feet to move. These are weeks of tests in which the baby will try to crawl and sometimes succeed, but sometimes not. Your participation is crucial so that baby managed to crawl as soon as possible and safely.

Although today the quality of life of a premature baby is guaranteed, it is necessary to pay more attention to their physical and cognitive stimulation. Babies born before 37 weeks of pregnancy will be perfectly healthy babies with the same capabilities as the rest, but you will have to be very vigilant in the first months.

The premature baby will need to move on his own if you stimulate him correctly. You can put his favorite toy out of his reach and he will try to move to get it. But keep in mind that the moment a baby begins to crawl the dangers in the house multiply. You get the house ready and with the necessary security measures when that time comes.

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