Autumn knocks on children's doors. To enjoy!

Autumn knocks on children's doors. To enjoy!

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The weekends are for us to slow down the rush, to work, to spend more time with the family, find friends, take walks, share meals, relax and enjoy, even if it is only two days. Without the need to ask permission, autumn invades many parts of the world.

From this beautiful station you can get good ideas for fun and activities to do with our children.

Before it gets colder, let's enjoy the more pleasant temperatures of autumn. And there is no place more conducive than nature itself to play and learn with children, appreciate and experiment with them of everything that autumn offers us, from its flavors, colors, to its textures and smells.

Depending on where you live, surely at some point you have smelled roasted chestnuts. Hmm ... it's autumn that comes with your bags!

A field trip is very good for us at this time of year. You want to follow us on this journey to the treasures of autumn, welcome! Here are some ideas to do with the little ones in the house:

- Collect dry leaves, arrange them according to the design they have, collect them and then, at home, assemble pictures, collages or a candlestick and a bouquet of autumn flowers that you can learn to do step by step in our crafts section.

- Go in search of mushrooms. You must be careful when touching them. Never do it without the guidance and supervision of a person who knows which mushrooms can be collected and which cannot. Even so, children will be able to compare mushrooms according to their size, shape, texture, color, etc. Once at home and in the kitchen, you can prepare with the edible mushrooms a good scrambled eggs with mushrooms or garlic mushrooms. My mouth is watering!

- Collect the pineapples that fall from the pines. With them you can make decorations for the center of the table, even for Christmas that is coming. We can paint them in colors, or coat them in glitter and hang them on the Christmas tree.

-With chestnuts, apart from roasting them, we can use them in the preparation of cakes, cakes, etc. At home you can also continue to enjoy the autumn, making Halloween costumes with the leaves you have collected, reading poetry and stories related to the season, drawing what you have seen in the field, etc.

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