10 English names for boys

10 English names for boys

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When choosing the baby's name, there is not always agreement between families. While some seek a traditional name and of a lifetime, others prefer a more original name. And the balance between tradition and originality can be found in English names.

English names for boys are names with a long history in the Anglo-Saxon world, but in the Spanish-speaking world they are totally new, original and with a modernized touch. We have a list with 10 English names for children.

1. Brian. This name of Celtic origin has a meaning of 'strong man'. He is very familiar to us from a host of well-known characters and is one of the most popular names in many parts of the world.

2. Dylan. It is a name of Welsh origin that means 'son of the sea' and that we know well thanks to the English literary tradition. It is an original and charismatic name that is ideal for your baby.

3. Theo. This is the English and diminutive variant of a name of Greek origin that means 'gift of the gods', Theodore. As with Leo, Theo acquires relevance as a proper name due to his strength and personality.

4. Nathan. Curiously, this name has the same meaning as Teodoro, 'Gift from God', but this time we are facing the English variant of a name of Hebrew origin. We like it because it sounds fresh and very original.

5. Steven. It is the English version of a name of Greek origin that means 'crowned'. Although we know it better from Esteban, we like this variant because it sounds totally renewed but maintaining the same touch of elegance.

6. Christian. Although we know this name thanks to the English tradition, it is actually a name of Greek origin that means 'follower of Christ'. It is one of the most popular names for boys in the world, so it is guaranteed success.

7. William. This is the English variant of a name of Germanic origin that means 'the protector'. Although he is better known as Guillermo, in this version he gains in originality although he maintains that noble and distinguished air.

8. Ben. The name has a Hebrew origin and means 'preferred son'. In this variant in English there is again the characteristic that the diminutive acquires the rank of a proper name due to its strength. One of those short names with a lot of personality.

9. Connor. Although its origin is Irish, we know this name that has a meaning related to 'the wolf' thanks to the English tradition. We like it because it is a modern name with a lot of charisma and it is a safe bet for your child.

10. Ethan. This is the English variant of a Biblical name that means 'Lasted'. It is gaining popularity around the world because it is a name with personality that is hard to resist.

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