This is how babies born in November are: creative and sensitive

This is how babies born in November are: creative and sensitive

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In the world there are many types of people, but there are several in particular who are really lucky, those born in November. Autumn is, without a doubt, the best season to come to the world since it implies a mild temperature and rainy days that benefit our health. If you are going to have one of these babies born in november, Congratulations! In our site We will discover some of the traits and characteristics that you will be able to discover in your child.

Before childbirth, dads already have a to-do list to ensure their children's success. Now that list is going to get longer and preparations will have to start with planning ahead for the day of conception. That date matters because determine in which month the baby will be born And this, according to recent studies, could have an effect on their education, health, psychology and even their future professional career.

The matter seems esoteric, but it is not. Science has been finding evidence that the calendar marks our destiny. Attentive and read on to find out what your baby will be like, although there is no rule that has its exception.

1. You will like secrets and privacy
Those born in November need to protect their true inner world deep in their hearts. They are usually hurt and victimized very easily, as they take any negative comments someone makes to them to heart. Despite this, their actions are very honest, but they still like to act in the greatest of secrets. We will have to give our son his intimate space.

2. They will be misunderstood
They are usually creatures that do not harm anyone. They will rarely have the intention to hurt someone, but unfortunately they are very prone to misunderstandings. No matter what happens, those born in November are supposedly responsible for the losses, mishaps and pain of those closest to them. Needless to say, they are innocent in most cases.

3. They will be extremely loyal
They don't believe in cheating on their friends at all. And it hurts them deeply if those around them deceive them. As good people that they are, when it comes to friendship and socialization, they could be considered the best of friends thanks to their loyalty. And among its virtues is knowing how to keep people's secrets.

4. They will always denounce injustices
They act continuously. They do not discriminate against any type of group or break the rules. Normally if they see something unusual or very unfair they will be the first to complain and try to fix it. They defend their lives like an open book with nothing to regret; although this trait could harm them.

5. They will be very attractive
Nobody can resist the charms of those who were born in November, although at first you dislike them, you will soon end up at their feet.

6. They will be 100% workers
Without a doubt they are people who will support you a lot and will never settle if they see an incomplete project. Don't hesitate to ask for their help because they won't rest until everything has been resolved.

7. They will be very creative
Statistics discover that many of the most famous artists were born in the fall. So don't put limits on your little one's creativity because he can hide a lot of talent. And it is that their imagination and creativity exceed the limits established by society.

8. They will be too sensitive
This could be one of their weaknesses: they are unable to maintain their emotions for long. We can see them crying in many situations and also be visibly depressed and sad. But there is no harm that cannot be cured with many doses of affection.

9. Ailments
Males will be prone to chronic skin diseases, cardiovascular disease, and thyroid problems. In contrast, women are more likely to suffer from constipation, thrombosis and varicose veins. Watch out for signs.

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