How to defend the child's right to be a boy

How to defend the child's right to be a boy

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We are more than convinced that for a good childhood, boys and girls have the right to be given a name, a family, education, food, health care, to be protected, not to work, to be discriminated against or mistreated . A child must be a child, above all.

Children should have the right to try and experiment. What child has not jumped on the bed? What child has not been muddy to the hair? Children are not born knowing everything. We have to educate them, but always respecting their limits and capacities.

Have you ever wondered what they are doing with your children? What purposes do you have for them? What do they expect of them? How do they feel? Or what kind of expectations do they have regarding you?. Although they seem fragile, and they are in many cases, children think, indeed, they observe much more than we do.

They learn with our attitudes, with our care, with our behavior and conduct towards them and others. The family forms the first line of defense for children. The further away parents are from their children, the more vulnerable they become.

I wonder what today's society is doing with children? Maltreatment, exploration, sexual abuse, abandonment, physical and verbal abuse, hunger, child pornography, harassment, rape, war ... Why are these defenseless little people in the spotlight every day? of misfortunes, disorders, diseases, incompetence, cruelty, lack of maturity and consciousness of adults?

I think that before talking about the rights of children, we must reflect on the duties of adults, those who decided in their day to be parents and those who already are.

Children's rights draw a goal, but we are the ones who have to work for it. A child is not happy by definition, happiness is also taught, learned and must be applied in the day-to-day life of the family. It seems difficult to talk about children's rights in the times that we have been.

However, if we leave them parked in a corner or we only demand that it be the most perfect and controlled, what kind of defense and security will the children have. Something to consider and ponder, don't you think?

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