4 simple gestures to reduce sugar in children's diets

4 simple gestures to reduce sugar in children's diets

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The amount of sugar that children consume since they abandon breastfeeding and begin to eat food when they are older is much higher than that recommended for their age, and this without voluntarily adding sugar as such in their meals. How can we reduce sugar in children's diets?

At present, and due to the increasing amount of sugar in the foods that children consume, trying to reduce their consumption of simple sugars has become a priority for most of the parents.

Many foods from the infant diet naturally contain sugar, which is known as simple sugars, such as fructose present in fruit, or lactose in milk, so nutritionally, it is not necessary to add simple sugars or disaccharides to your diet.

In addition, other foods contain what we know as complex sugars or complex carbohydrates, such as starch from potatoes or rice, or cellulose from vegetables. The complex carbohydrates They are more or less long chains of small (simple) sugars, and therefore, after digestion, they are metabolized in the body, becoming these small monosaccharides (such as glucose), which are precisely the molecules that cells, or the brain, used as a source of energy.

If, then, many foods are naturally rich in sugars, how can we avoid excess sugar in feeding children?

1. Avoiding any type of carbonated drink
Either fruit or cola, but they are not the only drinks with which we have to be careful. Also eliminate any type of commercial milk or juice preparation, all energy or sports drinks, and, of course, offer water instead.

2. Abolish industrial bakery from your diet
In addition to unnecessary sugars, these products provide high amounts of trans fats, which are very harmful to your health.

3. Read the labels on commercial cookies and breakfast cereals
Ingredients are listed based on their amount in the food, so if sugar comes first or second, it's best to skip ahead and choose another healthier option.

4. Limit the consumption of sweets and candies
It is obvious that, for many parents, a birthday or a special occasion would become a battle without sweets, but limiting their consumption to these occasions and avoiding them on a day-to-day basis we already achieve a very beneficial effect in terms of reducing sugar in the diet.

5. Avoid consuming milk or white chocolates
Did you know that they contain much more sugar than the purest chocolate? As far as possible, lean towards a higher percentage of cocoa the better. In addition, it is convenient to avoid cocoa powder for milk, and, again, choose a pure cocoa for desserts to chocolate milk for breakfast, or better yet, consume it as is!

Sugars provide energy and are necessary in the diet, although their source should be 95% complex carbohydrates and only 5% simple sugars. Above this percentage, the child is consuming excess sugar.

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