8 short Christmas stories with a moral for children to ponder

8 short Christmas stories with a moral for children to ponder

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The Christmas tales they are magical. From the first to the last letter they are impregnated with illusion and hope. Reading them with your children can be a very fun and Christmas activity, ideal to keep them entertained during the December holidays. But also, children's stories they are a good way to make your children reflect.

Those stories that speak about values ​​or that incorporate valuable teaching are very useful for the little ones to learn and know how to react when the same circumstances occur that they have read in books.

Therefore, in We have selected some short Christmas stories with a moral that will help your children understand certain values ​​and teachings. Enjoy them a lot!

1. The gingerbread man
Gingerbread cookies cannot be missed at Christmas, and one of them is precisely the star of this beautiful Christmas-inspired children's story. Children tend to like it a lot because it is a funny story and parents also like it because it helps their children understand that you can not always win.

It tells the story of a gingerbread man who, after being cooked, runs off while making fun of everyone who crosses his path. However, the cunning fox sets him up ...

2. A lesson for Jaime
Children often forget that Christmas is about much more than just the presents from the tree. Making them reflect on Christmas values ​​is vital to avoid capricious behaviors like the one of the protagonist in this story.

Jaime wants Santa to bring him many gifts this year, even if it causes other children in the world to run out of toys. His parents talk to Santa Claus to teach the boy a lesson, who soon learned that it is more important to enjoy with the family and friends who have many gifts at Christmas.

3. The girl with the matches
This beautiful traditional tale by Hans Christian Andersen contains a sad moral:We must be compassionate towards people who are less fortunate than us. It tells the story of a girl who, trying to protect herself from the cold winter, lights all the matches she has until they run out.

4. Change of plans
Sometimes things don't go as planned and plans have to be changed ... That's what happened to Carla and Daniel's family on Christmas Day. Thanks to the fact that their car broke down, they were able to meet Javier and Ana, two children who did not have money to buy new coats. This children's tale it will teach your child to always be generous.

5. Magical chaos
Before Christmas Day arrives, Santa Claus and his entire team of elves, fairies and other magical beings have to work very hard to get everything ready. They do not want any child in the world to be left without their gifts and that requires a lot of effort. For this reason, sometimes they get tired of so much work and forget what is really important at Christmas: the happiness of children.

The moral of this story will make your children reflect on the importance of true christmas spirit. May the magic of Christmas reach all corners of the planet!

6. A Christmas Carol
One of the most popular Christmas stories is the one written by Charles Dickens. The story of the miser Mr Scrooge will make your child reflect on the need to be good and help the people around us.

This character had to be visited by different ghosts, who took him to his past, his present and his future, to understand this moral. Only when he started being kind could he be truly happy.

7. Chestnuts soaked in water
This beautiful Christmas story conveys a very beautiful and necessary teaching to children around the world: you have to learn to put yourself in the shoes of others and help them when they are having a hard time. It tells the story of Mrs. Rabbit, the chestnut tree from the village of Animaland.

One day it began to rain so much, so much, so much that his chestnuts were in danger of spoiling. How could he leave all his neighbors without chestnuts at Christmas! Luckily, the Bird family passed by and could 'give it a wing' ...

8. The Christmas tree
This Christmas story offers a lesson to children about kindness and hope. It is about a very poor family who, in order to celebrate Christmas, decides to cut down some trees from the forest and sell them. Nobody wanted to buy them, so they decided to give them to other families without money.

How great was their surprise when they saw that someone had given them a beautiful Christmas fir tree and had given them lots of Christmas food. And is that in the end, good people are always rewarded.

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