The most popular carols for Christmas 2017

The most popular carols for Christmas 2017

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Christmas has arrived and so that we are not caught by surprise and with nothing to sing, in we leave you a list with the most popular Christmas songs among children.

The most popular Christmas carols for christmas 2017 in Spanish and English They should not be absent during the Christmas season and that even the little ones will know how to accompany them with tambourines, zambombas and lots of nougat.

So, this Christmas do not forget to set up your nativity scene and decorate the tree and sing loudly the best known Christmas children's songs.

Here is the list of best Christmas carols and songs of 2017 so you can sing with your children this Christmas about the Magi, life in Bethlehem, the birth of Jesus and the shepherds.

Shepherds to Bethlehem

Who does not know this Christmas carol? This Christmas song is one of the children's favorites. His happy tone and a nice rhyme about the shepherds of Bethlehem make it one of the most popular of Christmas.

It's Christmas already

This Christmas carol is not one of the traditional ones, but it is a new one Here you have one created by the musical composer Yvette Delhom, from Batucado, on the family and christmas.

At 12 pm

Children's Christmas carol that announces the birth of the baby Jesus at 12 at night. Rhythmic, and with a tremendously catchy chorus, this Christmas carol will undoubtedly be one of the most sung in Christmas 2017.

Christmas, Christmas, today is Christmas

One of the most popular Christmas carols. Christmas, Christmas is a beautiful and joyful Christmas carol to sing on Christmas night and liven up the family dinner. Don't forget to bring the tambourines!

The three wise men

'The three wise men' is a traditional Christmas carol that we can enjoy singing next to the Christmas tree. Here you can listen and read the lyrics of the song so you don't forget to sing it on January 6.

A tambourine sounds

'A tambourine sounds' is one of the most popular Christmas carols among children and one of the most joyous. Obviously we will have to play the tambourine as an accompaniment to our singing children.

A donkey goes to Bethlehem

One of the songs preferred by children and with the most popular sound. Traditional and rhythmic, Towards Bethlehem goes a donkey, it is a Christmas carol essential in the children's Christmas repertoire.

Singing go the shepherds

Here you can read the lyrics of Cantando van los pastores, a very popular Christmas song for children, especially in Latin America, about the birth of Jesus.

Shepherds come

Carol more popular between children. This song cannot be missed on the night of December 24, surrounded by polvorones, marzipan and Christmas sweets.

Bell ringers

Very popular Spanish Christmas Carol with a very nice handwriting "In the towns of my Andalusia the bell workers at dawn, they wake me up with their bells and with their guitars they make me cry. And I start to sing ..."

Jingle bell rock

Jingle Bell Rock is a classic English Christmas carol to sing as a family. The songs in English They are a good way to promote language knowledge in children because music helps stimulate the little ones while they are having fun.

Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer

One of the sweetest characters of Christmas, the friendly reindeer rudolph, with his funny little red nose, he also has a Christmas song for himself. Do you want to meet her?

We wish you a merry christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas is a traditional Christmas carol in English that you can sing following the lyrics of the song that we show you in And so children can practice English in a fun way.

Santa Claus is coming to town

This Christmas carol can make your children speak in English once and for all. It is perfect to start speaking in another language, and on top of that it is one of the most popular during Christmas dates. They will surely hear it more than once.

White christmas

Dreaming of a white Christmas, we hear the Christmas bells. White Christmas is a beautiful Christmas carol in English that leads us to a magic world and white snow.

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