What is your child going to dress up as Christmas?

What is your child going to dress up as Christmas?

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Children do not care whether it is for a birthday party, Carnival, Halloween night ... and even Christmas, they love to dress up!

For them, any costume works, what matters is that they have fun playing to be a character. This Christmas will not be different. My daughter always liked to dress up and at Christmas she always wore the Santa Claus costume. So cute!

Besides having fun, children also learn when they dress up. More than a game and fun, pretending to be another character awakens some skills and learning in children and helps them overcome behavior problems.

Behind a disguise, the child can hide many illusions and also weaknesses. If your child likes to dress up, encourage him to do so because, in some way, you will be helping him:

- Increase your creativity and imagination. Ask for their opinion to assemble and create the costume.

- Release tensions. The symbolic thinking that children from 3 to 6 years of age develop, allows them to express the tensions they carry within.

- Understand your limits and limitations. Although he disguises himself as a hero, the boy will know that he will not be able to fly like him.

- Overcome your insecurity and shyness. Dressing up will allow you to experience another character and thus develop communication skills.

- Get language skills. The child learns to express himself more freely.

In general, Christmas costumes lead children to a demeanor of peace and quiet. Children may feel as generous as Santa Claus, as bright and colorful as the Christmas tree, as good as angels, or as special as fairies, the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, or the Magi.

It will not be bad that they prove to be what they want and need to be at a certain moment. To give you a hand to your ideas and imagination, our site has prepared a photo gallery of costumes for children for Christmas. There is everything, angel, reindeer, Christmas tree, and even a cookie costume. If you have any other ideas, we would be delighted if you share them with us.

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