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Watching Christmas movies throughout the year reduces stress for children and yours

Watching Christmas movies throughout the year reduces stress for children and yours

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How many days until Christmas? Surely you have not even turned the calendar pages because you see it very, very far away. Unless, of course, you are a fan of this time of year and are looking forward to December. If you are one of those who loves Christmas time above anything else, perhaps you are also from the club of what they enjoy in spring, summer or winter, and not only during the last two weeks of the year, the movies and shows where Santa Claus is the protagonist, is that right? Congratulations, you will surely be very happy! Find out why watching Christmas movies throughout the year is good for your children's health and yours.

One of the family's favorite activities is sitting in front of the television, making a nice bowl of popcorn, taking the controller and selecting a movie title to have a fun time together. Among the chosen films, have you ever considered choosing a Christmas-themed one even though you are not in the middle of this celebration? It may seem crazy to you, but it is not so crazy if you discover the benefits of doing this practice before going down to the beach in the middle of summer or when you return from picking mushrooms in the fall season.

1. Christmas movies are anti-stress
If you want to fight stress, you know what to do today! And is that these types of titles are full of such positive vibes that they remove any concern. If you're feeling depressed, watching a Christmas movie is always a good idea, as it not only reminds you of your favorite holidays, but they are therapeutic in nature. Enjoying a classic like 'Alone at home' with your children will make you feel calmer and more relaxed. It is also said that those who watch these types of tapes tend to live longer.

2. Helps you release hormones to feel better
Dopamine production in the body increases and, naturally, children and adults feel better. Some psychologists point out that the simple fact of putting Christmas decorations already makes one better on the inside and, therefore, on the outside.

3. Strengthens family ties
Watching movies together is always a good idea if you want to try to improve your relationship with your children or if you want to strengthen that bond that you have created, but if the theme is centered on Christmas, the impact is greater. Why? Because these films focus on family values, the love between two people, and the powerful bond of friendship. Plus, laughing together always helps, as it's an amazing exercise that keeps blood pressure and / or heart problems at bay.

4. Fills you with positive vibes
It is clear that they are tapes that convey good vibes, no one has any doubt about that, right? And it is that in all, although they pose a problem, they end with a happy ending, like the classic stories of a lifetime: And they were happy and they ate partridges! Why see tragedies if we can see joys?

5. Stops anxiety and panic attacks
For many (perhaps you are among them), this very special time of year is an escape from the real world, a relief or a break in their daily routine. Of course, when Christmas passes, anxiety and panic attacks may reappear. How to comfort, alleviate or reduce them? Watching Christmas movies!

6. We relive old and pleasant moments
Celebrating Christmas is not only fun, it is also a tradition. Every year we get together with our loved ones and spend quality time together around the table, that's why when in months other than December you watch a Christmas movie, it often reminds you of all the good times you spent with those you love the most. they concern you. You feel loved, you feel nostalgic, but most of all, you feel grateful for everything good in your life.

7. They stimulate brain activity
These are tapes that you have seen over and over again and on which you could recite entire dialogues from memory or sing songs that appear in them without having studied the lyrics before, and that makes you feel great. It is, without a doubt, an excellent gymnastics for your brain that also helps to avoid memory loss that comes with age or to work that of the little ones.

As you could read, everything is advantages and benefits of watching Christmas movies throughout the year, Do you already know what you are going to do this afternoon when you get home? We can guess!

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