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Our Lady of Fatima Day, May 13. Names for girls

Our Lady of Fatima Day, May 13. Names for girls

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Fatima is a name for a girl of Arabic origin that means 'young' or 'maiden', although there is no shortage of who attributes a meaning of 'splendid' to her. It is a fairly frequent name whose use remains unchanged over the years. A very appropriate name for your girl because evokes coexistence and solidarity coexisting in it the traditions of two very different cultures. Celebrate your name day May 13, which is the day of the Virgin of Fatima.

Due to the meaning of her name, Fatima has a charismatic, dynamic personality and very optimism. Able to spread her positivity and joy to others, Fatima is the soul of both her family and her group of friends. Generous and cordial, she is the person who can calm down in any situation. In addition, she is hard-working and willful, qualities that make her succeed in the workplace as well.

The name Fatima is used mainly in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, due to the tradition of the cult of the Virgin in these areas. According to the believers, since May 13, 1917 the Virgin Mary appeared six times in Fatima (Portugal) to three little shepherds: Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta. Its frequency has remained intact for decades and is widely accepted for its mix of exoticism and tradition.

The first Fatima that we have news of was the daughter of the prophet MuhammadAlthough the one who has contributed the most to the popularity of your daughter's name is the Virgin of Fatima, with her appearances in Portugal and the subsequent creation of her sanctuary as a place of pilgrimage.

In addition to all the places named Fátima, we meet the Spanish actress Fátima Baeza or the Paraguayan explorer Fátima Meireles. A name of height for your girl, which will undoubtedly enhance all her sensitivity and beauty.

In numerology, the name Fatima corresponds to the number 5. What does this number say about girls who are called Fatima? We tell you the good and the not so good:

The good: Babies with names that correspond to this number are said to be very independent, curious, and feel the need to be in constant motion. They are friendly and outgoing, and have a special charisma.

The not so good: They are usually restless children who get to exhaust their parents due to their too dynamic and movement. That their autonomous way can make them want to do everything on their own without listening to or considering the opinion of their parents.

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