Why Babies Under One Year Old Should Not Drink Cow's Milk

Why Babies Under One Year Old Should Not Drink Cow's Milk

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It is common for moms to have doubts when starting introducing foods into the baby's diet, especially in having the assurance that these provide your child with the necessary nutrients for their healthy growth. What about calcium, so important for bone formation? Cow's milk is often thought of as the main source of this mineral, however it is necessary for mothers to know the reasons why babies under one year of age should not consume cow's milk.

At birth, the baby has a digestive system capable of processing breast milk. Over the months, your body grows, develops and strengthens, however, before reaching one year of age, it is not yet in a position to properly assimilate the high loads of protein from cow's milk.

The protein concentration in breast milk is 1gr / 100ml, while in cow's milk it is 3.3gr / 100ml, so that the protein overload that the baby would be receiving will cause his kidneys to work incorrectly , subjecting it to the risk of suffering serious alterations by not being able to filter and excrete the surplus they receive.

Another important reason is related to the absorption capacity of iron. Although both breast milk and cow's milk contain an iron concentration of 0.1mg / 100gm of milk, the baby is able to absorb 70% of the iron in breast milk, while that in milk cow has a lower absorption, the baby only receives about 30%

Your digestive system is not able to process the fats contained in cow's milk, which, together with the protein overload, can cause irritation in the intestinal wall generating small blood losses and this, together with the low absorption of iron, can cause anemia, which has been proven through scientific studies.

On the other hand, this deficient processing of cow's milk proteins leads to unnecessary risks of intolerance and allergies at an early age, as well as chronic-degenerative diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

These adverse effects are not present if cow's milk is introduced as food for the child after one year of age, on the contrary, it is beneficial for their neurodevelopment to receive the fat from whole cow's milk, without skim and also helps to a better use of vitamins A and D.

From this age the intake of half a liter of milk a day is recommended, adding all the preparations in which it can be consumed (not only talking about liquid milk but butter, ricotta, cheese, cottage cheese).

While it is true that the initial infant formula milks that are given to babies who are not breastfed are made from cow's milk, it is processed and modified to make it the closest thing to breast milk. For this reason, some specialists consider it advisable to delay the consumption of cow's milk until one and a half years or, if possible, up to 3 years of age, incorporating in that time, continuation infant formulas, which have been enriched with iron and other vitamins, but they contain less protein than cow's milk.

However, these continuation or stage 3 formulas are not absolutely necessary since they offer no advantage over the consumption of cow's milk and a nutritious diet, in fact many of them report having DHA, which according to these companies is essential for the brain development, however, that has yet to be proven. So nothing replaces a healthy and balanced diet including all food groups.

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