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9 Colombian names for boys that have very special diminutives

9 Colombian names for boys that have very special diminutives

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The Colombian flavor is present in all parts of its land, from the colors of the houses to the personality of each person who lives in this magical nation. Its music, culture and energy is a clear representation of Latin American vitality. But the best representation of all these elements in a single set is definitely in the names of each Colombian. If you still do not know what you are going to call your child, you can choose one of these Colombian names for boys. We tell you its meaning and the diminutive that is normally used.

If you want fresh and tasty inspiration, then don't miss the popular and attractive Colombian names for boys with their diminutives:

1. Santiago (Santi / Tiago)
Santiago is one of the most popular male names in Colombia, but that does not make him less attractive, which is why many women still choose him. This name is of Hebrew origin ‘Thiago’ which means ‘God will reward us’.

2. Samuel (Samu)
A masculine name that never loses its originality, much less its interest as an inspiration for mothers. This name is of Hebrew origin, very mentioned in the Bible and means "To whom God listens."

3. Alexander: (Alex / Ale)
This attractive name for boys is an Anglo-Saxon variant of the name Alexander, originally from the Greek and therefore carries the same meaning as "He who protects men." An excellent option to give a Colombian flavor to a traditional name.

4. Sebastian (Sebas)
Another name that never loses its originality, much less its Colombian flavor. Don't you think it sounds great when you pronounce it? This name is of Greek origin "Sebastos" (title given to an emperor and his family) and means "One worthy of respect."

5. Maximiliano (Max)
This is definitely one of the names for boys that Colombian parents like the most. Its origin is Latin and means ‘One who is great’, since it was a connotation for those who did things for which they should be recognized.

In Latin America, it is very common to use compound names for our children, but in Colombia this preference is almost a tradition. Especially for those who start with Juan, being one of the most preferred combinations. Some examples are: Juan Carlos, Juan Camilo, Juan Andrés, Juan José, Juan David, Juan Felipe. Juan Pablo, Juan Esteban ...

Which gives a wider range of options for names and an appealing rhyme too that you don't want to miss.

6. Juan Carlos (Juanca)
One of the most frequent compound names in Colombia. Juan is of Hebrew origin 'Yohannan', popularized by John the Baptist and means 'The one who is faithful to God'. While Carlos is from the Germanic ‘Kar’, which means ‘Free man’. An interesting combination, don't you think?

7. Carlos Alberto (Carlitos)
Both names are of Germanic origin, so it is a powerful combination and even with a touch of nobility. Alberto means ‘Noble and brilliant man’.

8. Luis Fernando (Luife / Fer)
A very popular combination in Colombia, but it does not stop being an attractive name for children. Both names are also of Germanic origin, where Luis means 'The enlightened one in battle' and Fernando, which derives from 'Firthunands', which means 'The one who risks everything for peace'.

9. Andrés Felipe (Andresito / Felix)
Both have a Greek origin. Andrés means ‘Strong man’, while Felipe means ‘He who loves horses’.

Do you want to take a little of the Colombian flavor? Then feel free to choose one of these attractive names for boys most popular in Colombia. And don't forget their diminutives!

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