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How to act in case the child chokes on a fish bone

How to act in case the child chokes on a fish bone

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If your child likes fish, the first thing we have to do is congratulate you because eating fish is very important for the cognitive development of children. It can happen that, sometimes, we do not clean the fish well when we serve it that the child chokes on a fish bone. How to act in these cases? What should we do? I'll tell you about it below!

Sunday outing with the family. All happy because the grandmother prepared a rich and appetizing lunch, between vegetables and fish. Oops, what a delight! But surprisingly, when everything was going so well, we heard the mother's cry: the child has choked on a fish bone of that delicious fish made with so much love and affection.

Is this scene familiar to you? How many times have you experienced a tragic moment of despair in which your children, enjoying eating fish, get stuck and don't know what to do? Let's analyze the situation!

It is one thing to ingest the thorn and nothing happens, and another is choke on the thorn. Normally it sticks in the tonsils, or in the lower regions of the pharynx, accompanied by a sensation of pain or stinging, and a sensation of having a foreign body in the throat, difficulty swallowing and, sometimes, drooling also appears .

The first thing you should do is try to stay calm. Yes, I know, it is something difficult but you have to know how to control yourself in a situation to be able to act in the right way.

Second, you have to make sure that you have swallowed a thorn. To do this, you have to open the child's mouth wide and use a spotlight or flashlight to check if it is in the mouth and try to locate if the spine is visible; if you can see, it is important that you do not hit him on the back and that, for no reason, try to extract it (no matter how easy it is) with your hand or with the help of objects such as tweezers, since on the contrary you could aggravate the problem and, instead of removing it, you could run the risk of push it towards deeper structures.

In this case, it is advisable to go to the doctor to assess it. It will be he who will use the appropriate instruments to extract the fish bone as aseptically as possible, and removing it completely, ensuring that there are no organic remains that could later lead to an infection.

If the child presents bluish discoloration of the face or difficulty breathing (very extreme cases if the spine is extremely large) you should go immediately to the emergency room.

You can also instruct your child to cough, as coughing as a defense mechanism for the airway can cause the spine to move and come out spontaneously. Sometimes just this simple gesture solves the problem.

There are people who resort to some 'home remedies' in order to facilitate the slipping of the thorn, for example, give him bread crumbs, offer him to drink a lot of water, tell him to eat some banana or marshmallows and, also, a teaspoon of olive oil, but they are rarely effective.

They are simply myths that, as in the case of the bread ball, do not solve the problem and that can be counterproductive because, for example, when a bread ball is swallowed, it can drag the spine of the throat and become embedded in the esophagus and solving this situation would be worse.

If you do not see the spine stuck and the child continues to refer the discomfort for two or more hours in a lower area of ​​the throat, it is necessary to see a doctor. And, in cases in which the spine seems to have followed its path but the child, after a few days has discomfort, it is advisable to go to the pediatrician in case the area has been damaged or has any injury.

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