Baby Quality, Hero Baby's commitment to feeding babies

Baby Quality, Hero Baby's commitment to feeding babies

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When our baby is born, we want to offer him the best. We want to give him our affection, our love, our warmth, but also the best diet for their development. That is why we chose to put him on the chest so that he receives the best gift of his life. What happens when the mother has to go to work or when the pediatrician tells us to start with the introduction of new foods, new flavors and new textures?

We look for that reference of quality and guarantee that assures us that our child will be well fed. And just that is what Hero Baby offers us through its wide selection of jars and thanks to its more than 30 years perfecting a protocol that guarantees quality products in terms of infant feeding. Now, in addition, Hero has launched the seal of Baby quality from the Hero Baby brand with which it assures us that the jars are reliable, balanced, natural and in accordance with the latest advances in pediatric nutrition.

Baby Quality is the commitment that Hero Baby assumes with society and with mothers and fathers who seek the best for their baby, which is why they are committed to complying with a series of rules in four different areas:

1. Certified origin
The Hero Baby jars are made with controlled production ingredients and are controlled in each of the stages, from watering, fertilizing, harvesting to, of course, the analysis of the final product.

2. Perfect balance
At Hero Baby they are aware of the very important moment in which children are starting to introduce new foods, hence all their products are made in collaboration with the Hero Institute of Child Nutrition, in balanced proportions in their composition so that parents stay calm and know that they are offering their little ones a healthy and nutritious diet.

3. Everything under control
If there is one thing that can reassure mothers and fathers when deciding to choose a Baby Quality product from the Hero Baby brand for their child, it is the exhaustive procedure until the product reaches the market. Just so you have a piece of information: the different links in the production chain (cooked, crushed and packed) of a jar are subjected to a total of three hundred daily checks. And this is not all: a series of quality and production controls are established that go beyond those required by law for infant feeding.

4. Nature conservation
There are customs that can never be lost and that is one of the things that they have very much in mind when making Hero Baby quality jars. Did you know that their jars are preserved as your grandmothers did? Without colorants, without preservatives and through a process similar to a water bath. In this way, the product remains perfectly safe, without any type of desired ingredient, until its consumption.

All these parameters undoubtedly convert the jars under Quality Baby from the Hero Baby brand into an essential product from the introduction of complementary feeding, at which time our little one's taste buds begin to be more developed and they begin to demand new foods.

With the Hero Baby jars -they are 100% natural, without thickeners, preservatives or colorings or additives- you can rest easy.

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