Shantala step by step. Therapeutic massage for babies

Shantala step by step. Therapeutic massage for babies

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All the steps to give your child a relaxing massage


The first step in giving your baby a relaxing and stimulating Shantala massage is to place him on his back on a towel. While he or she is accommodating in this position, take the opportunity to, while paying attention, put cream on your hands.

Begin to massage the feet: the soles, the instep, each separate toe, and the ankles. For it, use your thumbs and palm of your hand, with movements from the heel to the toes. This favors the bone development of the little one.

Massage your baby's legs, with movements from bottom to top and from top to bottom, from thighs to ankles. In this way, you will promote blood circulation while stimulating the health of their bones.

Massage in the stomach area, the fourth step, is one of the most important steps of the Shantala massage. The baby does not yet have a fully developed digestive system and suffers from continuous discomfort caused by gas or constipation.

To massage the child's chest, you can imagine that it is a book to which you have to turn the pages. Thus, start in the center of the chest and move first towards one shoulder and then towards the other. You will help the baby's respiratory system.

Your baby's arms are massaged just like the legs, from the bottom up and from the top down. As in the lower extremities, these Shantala movements promote blood circulation and promote growth.

In this case, as in the case of the arms and legs, the hands are worked in the same way as the feet. Massage the tops, palms and each finger separately, revealing to the little one each part of his little hands and stimulating his touch.

Place the baby on his stomach, it is time to massage the back. You can do Shantala movements that go from the neck to the buttocks or the legs. With these long scrubs, you strengthen the muscles and promote head control.

To finish the Shantala massage, use a clean soft rubber ball to caress the child's entire body. This will stimulate their sense of touch and, at the same time, your little one will be relaxed and get better sleep, but it will also whet their appetite.

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