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Empathic pregnancy. Do men really feel pregnancy too?

Empathic pregnancy. Do men really feel pregnancy too?

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Surely you have ever heard (or have fortunately witnessed) about men who can feel exactly the same symptoms as their wives during their pregnancy, both physical and emotional and psychological changes; come on, they have a empathic pregnancy and they almost make the man seem really pregnant and, although it is a dream that many women want to fulfill, the truth of this peculiarity is a little different. Do men really feel pregnancy too?

This condition is known asCouvade syndrome, which occurs only when the man's partner is in the gestation period and is characterized by being a particular condition, despite the fact that 40% of men have suffered from it. It has also been classified as a psychological disorder, derived from excessive empathy and significantly altering testosterone hormones.

To the present there is no specific cause that determines the origin of empathic pregnancy in menIt simply seems to appear during the first trimester of pregnancy and remains until the end or even in the postpartum stage. There are also cases where the man begins to feel the 'discomforts of pregnancy' before his partner discovers that he is.

Some experts in psychology speculate that empathic pregnancy can develop precisely because of an excess of empathy of the man towards the current state of his partner and because of the organic levels of hormonal changes that the man possesses and that are naturally altered by the feelings triggered during this stage .

These two particular cases should not be confused, despite the fact that both share certain similarities. He Couvade syndrome it affects alone and only men, especially in emotional and hormonal changes, making them more sensitive. This occurs because testosterone levels are decreased in men and prolactin levels increase, which are the hormones that develop during pregnancy.

Meanwhile he psychological pregnancy It occurs as a psychosomatic disorder in women who have pregnancy problems, have suffered multiple miscarriages, or are sterile. Whose yearning to be a mother takes over all their mental stability and they end up firmly believing that they are pregnant, even if they are not. This affects the synapse and prolactin hormones, also making your body believe that it goes through the common symptoms of pregnancy, even if there is no fetus present.

But returning to the subject at hand, the empathetic pregnancy suffered by some men. How does this condition manifest? What signs can alert us?

Physical discomfort
Men who suffer from Couvade syndrome They may experience the same physical ailments as women throughout their pregnancy, including dizziness, vomiting, rejection of certain foods, cravings, pain in the feet, back, neck, cramps, abdominal pain, and even weight gain.

Emotional and hormonal imbalance
Of course, common emotional changes are also present, such as irritability, sensitivity, mood swings, tension, stress, sleep problems, insomnia, and increased affection and feelings of gentleness.

This occurs because there is a significant hormonal change in male hormones, as mentioned before, testosterone (natural male hormone) while prolactin hormone (hormone developed during pregnancy) increases. Hence, these common hormonal disorders occur in women.

Marked anxiety
Men with Couvade syndrome tend to develop higher levels of anxiety than women, as they have more worries in anticipation of the future, during the gestation period and taking hold as the time of delivery approaches, causing stress and constant irritability in the babies. mens. This anxiety tends to decrease in the postpartum stage.

This occurs in a small part of men who suffer from Couvade syndrome, but some experts agree that this is precisely developed by feelings of jealousy after not being able to experience the same as the mother who carries the child in the womb or through the future child who may displace him from his wife's attention. It is an unconscious way of getting their attention!

He empathic pregnancy It does not cause any future trauma nor does it represent any kind of danger for the men who suffer from it, quite the opposite. This should be seen as an excellent opportunity for the man to learn, understand and accompany his partner during a time as beautiful and challenging as pregnancy and future parenthood.

Personally, I think that empathic pregnancy is a very poetic representation of the strong bond that unites two people in a connection that goes beyond reality and fiction, turning it into a miracle of love.

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