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Vaccines. Story to explain to children why they need to be vaccinated

Vaccines. Story to explain to children why they need to be vaccinated

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Children don't like to get vaccinated, of course. And it is that nobody likes to be pricked and hurt. However, if they knew how beneficial they are for health and the good they do, they would surely go to get vaccinated more eagerly. In that sense, Azucena Zarzuela has written this children's story entitled "Vaccines", which talks to children about why getting vaccinated is so important. What good educational resources are stories!

Soon I would arrive the end of year trip. This year, the school had chosen an exotic country in southern Africa. Throughout the winter, the students had studied the different cultures that they were going to meet and had even practiced some ancient dance. There was no child who did not count the days left to live the great adventure.

Marcos and Javier dreamed of the animals that they were going to meet. At last they would see an elephant in its habitat and hopefully they could photograph a lion. Mamen, who had always been scolded for climbing trees, thought of monkeys and gorillas. On the contrary, Isabel, who was the most flirtatious student in the class, had saved all her pay in the past months to buy multi-colored fabrics on the trip. She knew that she would become a great fashion designer. Everything was dreams and joy.

However, with a few weeks to go, a doctor arrived at the school. It was the turn to get vaccinations. The joy turned into sadness and fear. 'Vaccines, what is that?' Javier asked. 'I happen to get pricked with an injection, That must hurt a lot, 'Isabel excused herself.

Nobody was talking about animals or primitive cultures anymore. The rejection of vaccines was resounding. This is how the school ended up communicating to the students that the trip was suspended. The tears were not long in coming. Everyone was crying.

The young doctor, who had only been to Africa for the second time two years ago and knew how beautiful it was, requested a meeting with the kids so that they would not have to give up their trip. Patiently, she wanted to tell them her story.

'When I was your age my school also took us to Africa. But nobody informed us of the importance of vaccines. We had barely arrived and I fell ill. Because in Africa the water does not always come from a tap, and drinking it tends to make us sick. While my companions enjoyed the animals and the excursions, I spent many days locked up in a hospital. Everything hurt and I was very patient. So much so that even my parents had to go to Africa to be with me. '

'I was lucky and I recovered. We all went home. But I hadn't had a fun vacation. If a doctor had given me a vaccine earlier, I would not have gotten sick. A vaccine is a simple pin prick and hurts less than a pinch. Sometimes our arm can get a little red and have some discomfort, but for that reason we do not have to spend days and days in a hospital. On the contrary, we can continue playing. '

Thanks to the doctor's report, all the students waited their turn in line to be vaccinated. They had discovered that a vaccine is nothing more than some bad sleeping bugs that they inject into our body so that it studies them while they sleep and thus can generate a weapon that attacks them if ever, when we travel to other cultures, we become infected with a disease. If that happens, our body will then know how to defend itself without ending up in a hospital.

Check if your children have understood what they have read by asking them the following questions:

- Where did the children go on excursions?

- Why did they cancel the trip?

- What made the children change their minds, who now wanted to get vaccinated?

- What are vaccines?

From your children's reading, you can keep talking about vaccinations, on which they have put, the ones that they still have to put, how much they will help them ... And you can also take advantage to plan your next great trip. What if you go to Africa? Would be wonderful!

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